Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Waiting for January

There has been a nudging in my heart, telling me that some things (many things, actually) need to change.

Food has been allowed to take up a place of control in my life once again. The physical evidence speaks loudly: my weight, the fit of my clothes, my less-than-cheery disposition, the heartburn, the stomach troubles... But the spiritual evidence speaks even louder: lack of focus, lack of direction, lack of satisfaction... It would seem that I've been attempting to fill my empty places with yummy tasting junk food. Again. Still.

But there is this part of me that keeps trying to convince myself to wait. Wait for the new year. Wait to get through Christmas. Wait until the season of temptation has passed.

As a family, we are functioning. Not struggling, but not thriving either. The bickering never ceases. The time-out chair is seldom vacant. The parental voices are too frequently raised. And the Word of God is rarely shared (as a family). It couldn't be clearer that saying grace at mealtimes and prayers at bedtime are not enough to impart Kingdom truths into the hearts of children. Daily family devotionals would be a good place to start. Turning off the mind-numbing box nothingness would likely help. Developing a family mission/vision/values would get our hearts and minds turned in the right direction. And so many more ideas come to mind...

But I tell myself that it will all work better if we start on the first. Fresh month, fresh year, fresh start. My lazy self says that there's no point in starting now, during vacation time, when the regular routine is not routine at all.

Even now, as I write these words, and I know that they are lies... I think I'd still prefer to wait. Am I too lazy to do the work to make the changes? Is it that I'm afraid to fail, so I put off starting? Perhaps I'm simply too selfish to make all the sacrifices necessary to transform myself and my family. Or maybe it's a lack in self-control.

Why is it that I put off the things that could and should be done today?

Today never "feels" like the right time to start changing my life. Like me, do you often prefer to wait until: Monday, next week, next month, January...before doing what you know you need to do? More importantly, have you found a way to overcome this struggle?


  1. This is so funny I was just talking to my daughter about losing weight and I said the same thing to her I think I will start after Christmas because I want to eat lots because I am going to a nice buffet and there is such good food to eat.Its more to do with that I want my own way,I really do not want to go on a diet, I know its the right thing to do but its hard I tell myself. Pushing those thoughts away and dealing with it later is what I do. Sometimes we have to go where we cant deal with it anymore then we turn and go the right way with Gods help.When we do not deal with certain issues and push them away we are really saying I do not want to do it. Thank you for your blog I will start going in the right direction today not after Christmas.This reminds me of people hearing the gospel of Christ and saying to themselves not yet later what they are really saying is "NO" I do not want to. Have a Blessed Christmas

  2. I love the month of January and always find the fresh start a perfect time to make some changes.

    The times that have had the most impact for our family . . . is when we make just a few changes at a time . . . starting small. I get so into it and want to change everything . . . which makes my family tired!:)

    Blessing on you, dear mom, as you listen to the nudges of the Holy Spirit and have some fun times with your family.


  3. This time of year it is next to impossible not to feel guilt about the quantity of food we shovel into our mouths, as a society we give ourselves a pass to behave badly (food-wise) at Christmas. Don't torture yourself. Enjoy Christmas, enjoy the food, enjoy family/friends, laughter and memories. Then make a life-style change. Don't go on a diet. You will inevitably fail, and then feel guilt about that too. Life-style change. I cannot stress that enough. I made a lifestyle change and have lost 35 pounds in 4 months. Eat breakfast (even when you are too busy or not hungry), don't skip meals, it starves your body and makes it store fat. Park further from the grocery store doors. Put a little more pep in your step, moving a little faster gets your heart-rate up even a little bit. Take the stairs instead of the elevator (where applicable). Walk or bike if you are going a short distance. It may take extra time but think about the added quality time you would gain with your kids... you may find they open up more in those quiet moments (because a nice walk to the store isn't frantic or hectic). Lifestyle change means you "do better" in your efforts to live a healthier life, instead of going on a diet of watermelons or spinach salad and thinking you will be satisfied. You know I have always struggled with my weight. Making a real lifestyle change is working for me. There is less pressure because it isn’t a diet, so when I AM bad, I am still doing better OVERALL... so I don’t feel guilty for a piece of cheesecake or a plate of pasta. So wait until the New Year and then make an effort to live a healthier life. That is my advice to you and your readers.

    Here’s hoping the Christmas Season finds you safely on the road home to good friends and family, someone else who will do the cooking, a plentiful quantity of cheer both in your glass and in your hearts, and a New Year filled with health, promise and new adventures!!


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