Tuesday, December 14, 2010


Sick kids in our house these days. Last night was a doozy. Rather than boring you to tears or completely disgusting you with details, I'm going to have a nap.

Be blessed. Stay warm. And hey, while you're here, why don't you share you favourite family Christmas tradition?

For years, I bought each child a new ornament to hang on the tree in early December. I think this tradition went by the wayside for a couple years when life got crazy busy. I would like to renew this tradition, though. Perhaps I'll pick it up again this year. (If I'm ever able to leave the house again!)


  1. EW! I hope everyone is better FAST! Ick! And enjoy your nap...naps are good. Very Good.

    Our favorite Christmas traditions...

    One is that we have a fancy candelit dinner for just the six of us. (This year we're planning to invite Mr. Moon to join us!) Nice music, all of our drinks are in wine glasses (kids LOVE this!) and the table is decorated beautifully. Plus I make a nicer meal. This will actually only be our second year of doing it but after how much everyone loved it last year, we'll definitely do it every year, no matter what!

    And the second tradition that we started last year, but will continue to do each year, is our "gift to Jesus". This is nothing more than a letter, written by each of us, and the letter says, "Dear Jesus, Happy Birthday! This year, I give you my thanks for _______, and I give you my sin and/or burden ______. Please help me with my sin. Love, ____" The year goes on top, then the letter goes in an envelope, sealed. The writer is the only person who can read it (but he/she can share with the group), and it is opened the following year, then it is put back into a sealed envelope with the newest year's letter. So basically, all of the letters are kept together. This way, we can look back and see how God has worked, how our perspectives have changed, and see God's hand in our lives.

  2. I tell everyone about the tradition that my mom actually started and I have carried on (glad your kids don't read your blog). Christmas Eve is typically a day that moms are busy and kids are excited and driving her crazy. My mom started this tradition where she'd find a 'random' gift on the doorstep or out in the yard and her line was "that it must have dropped out of Santa's sleigh on his way to Australia." Anyway, we were allowed to open that gift which was usually a family game - it gave the kids great excitement and hours of amusement and kept them out of mom's hair.


  3. I thought, that is so weird! It's exactly what was done in my home (Santa dropping a gift). And then I realized it was my sister, Tyler's mom, who posted it. :)

  4. My mom started this tradition with me and I have continued it on with the boys. Each Christmas we decorate a birthday cake for Jesus and then after christmas dinner we put candles on the cake and sing happy birthday to Him!

  5. I put a yearly photo of the kids on the tree...quite a few have accumulated now. Not sure how it is going to look when the kids are 20...but love it!

    We also do a birthday cake for Jesus on Christmas Eve and like to have a little "party." What kid doesn't love a party? It is totally acceptable to serve hot dogs, hamburgers and pop! No fancy turkey here...we save that for the wonderful Grandmas to conquer. :)

  6. My parents always filled stockings for us. They would hang them on our bedroom door Christmas Eve and while they slept in Christmas morning we would open our stockings. I've been doing that with my kids for years and they have been known to get up at 4 or 5 am and open their stockings. I love hearing them giggle and get excited. To this day it is their favorite part of Christmas. They prefer the stocking over a gift. We also play games that include scripture. Last year I would give them a verse and from that verse they would have to figure out the main clue of that verse in order to find their gift. It makes the day last longer and gives me more time to enjoy my coffee. We also have a birthday cake for Jesus.

  7. When my kids were younger.. my youngest came home with a note home from school that she needed to work on her creative writing. (grade 1 or 2) So I created a family tradition I love. Every year, we each write a Christmas story. On Christmas Eve, we sit with hot chocolate and read them to each other. When my youngest is 18, I plan to have them all bound in a book, in their original handwriting, with a copy for each of us. This year we are requiring Wayne to do one too.


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