Thursday, December 2, 2010

But God, I don't even like women!

I used to despise my own gender. Girls can be so unkind, manipulative, and fickle, especially in their teen years. After a few hurtful experiences, I determined that it was preferable to spend my time with boys. I hung out with them at school and work. They were my "buddies" and my confidantes. (In fact, Pat was one of my BFFs in high school.)

No one was more surprised than me when I ended up in women's ministry. How can a woman who really doesn't like other women possibly do women's ministry?!

It began as a desire to have my needs met, seeing that no one else was going to meet them, and doing something about it. It grew into a vision of wanting women's hearts to be changed, so that instead of being in competition with one another we would become sisters. Eventually, through working alongside other women for years, my passion grew to include mentoring other women in leadership.

Funny thing is, in order to lead a women's ministry, one is required to work side-by-side with other women all the time! Even funnier, I discovered a deep love for my own gender that I never thought I could feel.

Jen asked, What stirs great passion and restlessness in your soul?

The answer is: women. I think it can be summed up best by one line in my bio...
[My] desire is to see women experiencing the freedom and fellowship that come from leading transparent lives, developing strong spiritual habits, and discovering the power of Christ in their lives and ministries.

This desire is what spurred me to first start blogging, to begin writing my book, and even to launch my speaking ministry. Not only am I passionate to impact women for Christ, but ministries. In particular, women's ministries. Because if we want the women in our churches to grow, it needs to begin in the leadership.

My number one and two passions are ministry to women and equipping/mentoring for women's ministry leaders. Coming up a close third is marriage. And missions. Then abstinence/healthy sexuality. And of course, being a special needs mom. Oh, and tithing and giving. And... Okay, I tend to be a passionate person overall! This list pretty much sums it up. (P.S. Feel free to share my bio with your women's ministry leader when planning your next event. Okay? *wink*)

Since it's such a great question, I'm stealing it... So tell me, what stirs great passion and restlessness in your soul?


  1. That is fantastic, and you do it well! I think it is amazing how God will do a great work to change us in an area we would think very unlikely!
    Teens are my passion, and a close second has become women...the gender I was most afraid of! LOL I love how God will take our misery and turn it into ministry if we will be obedient to his prompting (even when it scares the daylights out of us to do what He asks!)

  2. What a really good question.... I dont know what stirs great passion and restlessness in my soul. How does one figure it out?

  3. Tyler, I love your passion!! Maybe we could get to know each other a bit better at h2h sometime!

    Im part of a moms group called Home By Choice and I ended up landing the position on the executive team as Topics Coodinator... I was wondering if maybe youd be interested in speaking one morning possibly in March? Id have to talk to one of the other members on the team but I think you have alot to say about being a mom. We should chat!!

    Talk to you soon!


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