Thursday, November 18, 2010

Just Ask

Want to know the #1 lesson I've learned about being a writer?

Writers write.

Complex, I know. :) But this simple message pushed me to move from being a once-in-a-while blogger to a 4-ish times per week blogger. While I might not have time to work on my book every day (and frankly, there comes a point when seeking publication that it's better not to write much more; publishers like to see enough to know that you can do it, with enough work remaining to be assured that they will have some say in how the book develops), taking time to jot down 500-1000 words a few times each week is good exercise.

Have you ever worked out at the gym diligently for a couple months and then taken a week-long hiatus? Returning can be a bit painful and difficult, and you essentially have to re-train your body in doing all the exercises. Taking a break from blogging is kinda like that.

Last week, with the kids all home on break, I slacked off here. This week, I am retraining my mind. Want to help me get back in shape?

Here's what you can do (please, please do it!)... In the comments of this post, ask me questions. Lots of questions. Any question you ever wanted to ask. You can ask about my personal life, about anger, about ministry, about raising kids, marriage, or any other topic that strikes your fancy. I'm going to take your questions to build up my muscles - some answers may be entire blog posts, some may get answered in a Q & A style post.

Okay, so who's gonna help motivate me to get back in shape? Fire away!


  1. Well - as a friend I guess I should help out :)
    when did you start writing?
    Why do you want to write a book?
    Oh here is a good one....when and how did you discover that you were angry, and not just doing what Moms have to do - yell at our kids to get them to do anything.

  2. As I share to people what we are going through right now I ask them this
    " What would you do if it was your little girl?"

    Having a 17 year old daughter who is 28 weeks pregnant, physically ill as if that would not be enough, she finds herself in a very abusive situation with her boyfriend. She is being not only physically abused but emotionally abused and spiritually abused. Life is being sucked right out of her and its visually seen. This guy is mean, a real jerk who now thinks he can keep her away from her momma.

    So my question is "what would you do if this was any of your girls?"

    When this question has been asked to men it usually has the pretty same response..

  3. What stirs great passion and restlessness in your soul?

  4. I'm curious when you & Pat became believers. (All our emails back and forth and I don't know the answer to this!?!) I'd be honored to hear the story of the how and when you gave your life to Christ!

    Have you ever been on a mission trip? (This might be a whole post)

    What's your favorite flavor of ice cream? You do like ice cream don't you? If not, I'm not sure our friendship can continue...

  5. What is your vision for your family?

    Do you have a Bible-time/devotion time with your kids? What do you do?

    Have you ever taken a temperments test? If so what is yours? What are your strengths and weaknesses?

  6. OK, I've got a one:

    How to you get everything done for your family, not neglect your relationship with God, and find time to write too?

  7. I have a general question but want specific answers.... how do you do it all? I mean, really, HOW do you do it all? What pracitcal things do you do every day to fit in all that you've got going on? What does a few of your daily scehdules look like? Do you use the crockpot to cook dinner alot? Are you super organized? I need tips to be more productive in my own life!


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