Thursday, August 5, 2010

My Heart is in Haiti

Last year, after Pat returned from Haiti, we decided that we would plan to go every year - together. Yes, this will cut into Pat's vacation time from work. Yes, this will cut into our finances (even if we raised funds for the trip, there are still child care expenses - 5 kids, 2 weeks...). Yes, this will likely mean that we could no longer do couple's getaways that were any longer than a weekend. But to be a part of the mighty work God is doing in Haiti - all those sacrifices are worth it!

One thing we didn't account for - what if God's plans are different than ours?

The most difficult decisions to make are always those which have us choosing between two (or more) options, all of which are very good. In June, I was invited to speak in a breakout session at a well-known local women's conference. The date of the conference was smack dab in the middle of this year's Haiti trip. One of the hardest decisions of my life. Ever.

We prayed. We discussed. We made lists. (Okay, I made lists.) We asked others for prayer and wise counsel.

Ultimately, God made the decision for us. The conference coordinator needed an answer, and we had not yet heard back as to whether we were accepted on the team to go to Haiti and serve with Haiti Arise Ministries. With a mix of joy, fear, and a bit of sorrow, I accepted the invitation to speak.

Two days later, we received an email letting us know they were checking references for Haiti. Sigh.

Pat will be going to Haiti again this fall, helping to rebuild the trade school that they helped complete last year (following the earthquake, it was deemed structurally unsound - is that a word? - and had to be demolished). And while I know that God orchestrated each detail, as the planning gets underway for Haiti I can't help but feel a little left behind.

As I was praying for the team this morning and for the people of Haiti, I shared my sorrow with God. He reminded me that Haiti is not going anywhere, and there will be a need for teams to continue going in for years to come. Then He encouraged me with the words shared by Angela Thomas at She Speaks:

Sometimes, it's not your turn yet. Become a woman who is ready, so that when God says, "now" you can jump right in.

This year, it is not my turn to be by my husband's side in Haiti. But I will continue to prepare my heart, because when God tells me it is my turn I sure don't want to be the one telling Him I'm not ready!

I humbly ask that you would join me in praying for Pat and the rest of the team as they prepare for this trip. If you feel called to contribute financially, please send me a private email and I will forward to you the support letter and forms (all contributions are taxable donations and will receive a receipt from the church).

Here's a video Pat made from the (thousands) of pictures of last year's trip.

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