Saturday, August 21, 2010

Want to be Radical?

Anyone else beginning to wonder if they've been getting too comfortable? Lately, God keeps reminding me that I am here for more than just living a good life.

Living out life as a child of the Most High God pretty much demands our radical obedience. Am I the only one who suspects that I haven't been giving it my all?

If you, like me, found your heart pounding out of your chest by the end of that video clip, you can bring yourself even closer to cardiac arrest by reading the first chapter of Radical here. After that, we'll all probably rush out to buy it. Or maybe not...


  1. Oh wow...I'm just bawling. Last night Chris and I were making plans for building an addition on our house (for SOMEDAY when we get out of debt), and the whole time I felt a quiet voice telling me, "All of this is SO FUTILE! SO FUTILE! Our house is plenty big enough as it is! We have enough! Others need more! Stop!" But I ignored it, and instead listened to Satan "But this will give you more room! A second bathroom! And this way we have room for guests! And more children so we can adopt!"

    Praying that God brings about RADICAL changes in YOUR family AND MINE through this book. You can guarantee I'll be reading this one. :) Thanks for sharing, Tyler!

  2. It is a must read for anyone who claims to follow Christ! Extremely eye-opening and challenging to say the least!


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