Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Women's Ministry that Wins

A (long) while ago, I started a series on here called "Building Your Ministry," in order to share what God has taught me about "doing ministry well" over the years. Until our family relocation nine months ago, I spent just over six years as leader (and founder) of the women's ministry in our church. My leadership journey was not without its bumps and bruises, but my prayer is that other women in ministry will be able to benefit from both my mistakes and my successes.

I believe that, eventually, I will write a book on this subject. It's one of the two big ideas that I find constantly rattling around in my head. I also believe that, as one facet of my writing/speaking ministry, I would like to do some consulting for women's ministry teams.

Because this little blog series has been so sadly neglected over the past few months, I find myself re-evaluating and re-thinking. But rather than come up with my own "plan," I wanted to ask YOU what you think I should do. So here are a few questions for ya:

1. Do you like the name "Women's Ministry that Wins?" (If not, I am wide open to suggestions - titles are not my forte.)

2. Would you like to see posts on this subject on my blog? (If not, do you think I should start a new blog solely for this topic?)

3. If I am putting up WMW (that looks catchy, doesn't it?!) posts on this blog, should they be scheduled? As in: weekly on a certain day of the week, monthly, etc.?

As an added bonus question, while we're on the subject of this blog and the content here:

4. What are your favourite kind of posts to read here? (If you can think of the titles of a couple of your faves, that would help, too!)

Thank-you, friends! You have no idea how valuable your feedback is to me. After all, you're the ones who encourage me to keep on writing out my random ramblings. So what you think and what you like really matters to me. :)

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  1. I like Women's Ministry that Wins...or Women's Ministries that Win....and here are answers to the rest of your questions:
    - I don't think it needs to be scheduled - post on the topic when God leads
    - I think everything you blog comes from a spiritual perspective and all of your blogs contribute to a Christian walk - so, your WMW should not be separate from this blog
    - my favorite posts are have a gift of using all of life as an analogy to your spiritual walk/growth - most recent favorite blogs: socially promiscuous and Potty Training and Jesus.


  2. I'm very tired so my brain is a little sluggish, but I love any of your Mom-in-the-trenches-together type posts.

  3. Tyler,

    Please take this with a grain of salt...

    I am not sure about WMW, but right now I can't think of anything better. I'll keep praying/thinking.

    If you are wanting to build this platform:
    1. Consider doing it either on a blog with that name and keep it up 3-4 times a week OR
    2. Consider doing it at least once a week.
    3. Consider submitting those articles to e-zine or another place like it that would get the word out and widen your platform.

    All IMHO and I am new to this too...


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