Thursday, August 12, 2010

Sometimes God Sits on a Shelf

We say grace at meal times. We do prayer requests at bedtimes. We stick the Word up on our wall to guide our discipline. There are other things, but these are more for my growth than theirs.

But do these things make God real in the lives of our children? Or do they see God as a book on a shelf that Dad and Mom pull out for these certain circumstances?

Ann's post about The Spiritual Practice of Parenting has me thinking. How could we bring the Word of life into our day-to-day with the kids?

What does your family's spiritual "routine" look like? Are there things you do to bring the Word to life, to make God real and tangible in your own life? If you are a parent, what things do you do to help your children's faith become their own?


  1. Very thought provoking. I've been thinking about this for a long time---and especially the last few weeks before we start school again. I'm going to head over to the link you suggested and read that. Then I'm going to do some more thinking, praying and planning. Thanks for always nudging me toward righteousness.

  2. I loved Ann's post back when she first posted it, and I loved it just as much when I read it again today.

    I've noticed that the more I read the Word (alone and with the family), the more it permeates the day-to-day activities. I'm more keenly aware of God's presence in every little thing, and then I share that with the kids and vise versa.


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