Thursday, April 15, 2010

Oh, To Be on a Tropical Island...

I realize that my blogging this week has been erratic. The only excuse I have to offer is giddy excitement on behalf of my parents. In about two hours from now, they will be high in the skies above Canada, making their way West to the ultimate destination...

I have barely been able to sleep! Can you imagine what a mess I'll be if when I get to go there?!

Have fun, parents! We can't wait to see you, your suntans, your photos, and our gifts! ;)
P.S. Don't worry about your puppy. We'll take good care of her while you're away. Hehehe.


  1. oh, Katy... my God be with you.... ;)

    Your mom must be over the moon if you are that excited!!!

  2. I thought you were gonna say YOU were going!! Im giddy just thinking of it!

  3. I've got to get there someday!!

  4. It's a beautiful place. I was blessed to have the opportunity to live there for 3 years. My first son was born there. Good memories. Your parents will love it!


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