Thursday, April 29, 2010

Just Me

Before reading this post... If you haven't seen them yet, two posts went up yesterday to commemorate our two April birthday girls - Megan and Shea.

Now, I would just like to clear the air a bit. My friend, Bobbie, was certain that Shea's birthday post was going to double as a pregnancy announcement. Let it be said, on the record, that I do not ever expect to be making such an announcement again.

I am fully aware that God can do whatever He chooses, and He may choose to heal the 2nd surgical procedure just as He did the first. But the more time that passes the less likely it seems. And I am beginning to be okay with that. Once we're done with diapers, I am fairly certain I won't want to return to that stage in our lives.

Real life right now is busy, bordering on hectic. Pat's hours of work have been beyond ridiculous - not that I'm complaining, because it's only for a short season in our lives and only once every 4 years or so. Regardless, that is leaving me as the sole caregiver, housekeeper, chauffeur, affection provider, and disciplinarian. There are moments where I might just be feeling a little overwhelmed. (Yes, you can feel free to pray for us!)

Therefore, five is enough. Especially when one has special needs, one has oppositional defiant disorder (Mom-diagnosed only, not professionally), and one has mischief running through every vein. If you're counting, that only leaves two children NOT making Mommy insane!

I realize that this post was mostly me venting. Not at all inspirational, not well-written, not fun or funny. Thanks for being here and listening reading. Sometimes it's really good to just spill it all out to a girlfriend. ;)


  1. A good, honest purge is great for the soul! Thanks for always being real :)

  2. Sometimes we all need to just let things out. I actually wrote about "Being a Bad Mommy" on my blog yesterday.

    Praying that things will get better for you again. Take care and know that you have many friends that understand when you need to vent.

  3. You are a wonderful mom. Keep reminding your self of that when Pat's children act out. Single parenting is hard work, heck duel parenting is tough. Hold onto your sanity, God will give you the strength and the patience to get through the tough times.

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  5. You don't have to share deep thoughts to be inspirational; this post is inspirational because it is real. Being real takes great courage, and courage is inspiring. YOU are inspiring. :)


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