Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Another Landmark

Megan, today you are seven. Some days, I am amazed that either you or I have made it this far! You are so like me, with your fiery personality and your tendency to react before fully processing things. Girl, you and I are experts at pushing one another's buttons!

In honour of your 7th birthday (and your great love of Miley's "7 Things" song), I want to tell you 7 things I love about you:

1. You are so expressive! There is never any question as to what you are feeling. You get your face, your voice, and your whole body into it. Once you get over your stage fright, you are going to be one fantastic actress!

2. When given a special job to do, you are not satisfied with anything less than your best! You are so cheerful when helping, and often you are my most willing helper.

3. I love listening to you talk with the adorable little lisp that comes from missing your two front teeth.

4. When you smile, your eyes smile. They turn into glittering half-moons that clearly show everyone you are happy.

5. You are fiercely loyal. No one better mess with your baby brother, your sisters, or even your older brother - or they will experience your fury! I just love how strongly you stick with your family.

6. You hold a special name for a special friend, and I often see glimpses of her in you, Megan Christine.

7. One example of #6: I love the way you make your bed - blankets perfectly lined up and smooth, each teddy bear stacked and aligned according to size, pillow in just the right spot... It surely wasn't me who inspired that in you!

You are my sunshine girl. I thank God for placing you smack dab in the middle of our family, because that spot could never be filled by anyone else. Happy birthday, Sunshine!

* I discovered a big mistake today while scrolling through recent birthday posts - somehow I missed a post commemorating Shea's birthday from earlier this month! You will find it posted in just a couple hours.


  1. praying for your Megan as she turns 7. My precious Megan is now 25 and the biggest joy!

    Much love to you -

  2. What a collection of friends you have piled up behind you...very sweet!


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