Thursday, April 22, 2010


I have a million post ideas in my head. I have been sitting here for 40 minutes, starting and deleting posts on several topics. Fact is, my brain is so very full right now that I can't find a way to pull out something coherent.

So I have decided it's best to direct you toward some other writer's thoughts - people who are able to be coherent. Okay? I promise to try harder tomorrow. ;)

Katie is a young woman who was called by God to do something unimaginable. Her story inspires me, breaks my heart, frightens me, and convicts me. I recommend scrolling down to the post dated Tuesday, February 23. If you let it, that post will change your life!

Having trouble knowing what God's will for your life is? Can't "hear" His voice? Walking through some big storms that you don't understand? Sandy is teaching a series that you don't want to miss!


  1. Glad I'm not the only one who struggles to put together a post! Thanks for the links to these other sites - headin' over! God bless!

  2. Katie is my best friend. I have never actually met her and she does not know I exist but I spend a great deal of time talking about her and telling others about her and praying for her from everything to her ministry, her physical strength to a husband. I did not even know you knew my best friend!!

  3. Thank you for linking to me sweet friend. I don't know if I'm much more coherent than you. But I appreciate you thinking so today.


  4. I love that you dedicate 40 minutes....I usually give up at 10! Love your blog :)


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