Monday, April 19, 2010

Get Serious

In church yesterday I was amazed to learn that Muslim children memorize the entire Koran at the age of 6! I imagine that their parents spend countless hours reciting passages to the children, diligently training them in the tenets of their faith.

It got me reflecting on how diligent (or not) I am at instilling faith in Jesus Christ in my kids. We say a prayer of thanks before meals (most of the time). We say prayers at bedtime (usually). I help them practice their school memory verses (sometimes).

But do they really know the Word of God? Do they think of what the Word tells them to do when they encounter difficulty? Is it imprinted, permanently etched in their hearts and minds?

Heck, do I set aside time 5 times per day to focus solely on prayer or worship? I'm lucky if I get in one good session in the early morning hours (generally).

I wonder how many of us give our religious practices the same consideration as Muslims give theirs...

No wonder the rest of the world doesn't take Christians and Christianity seriously - tossing prayer out of schools, using the Lord's Name in vain as common language, perverting Scripture to suit immoral agendas.

Isn't it time we get serious?


  1. Amen. It IS time we get serious. And the good news is that if the two of us (you and I) instill good Bible-reading & prayer habits in OUR children, there will be NINE people going forth in the world, ready to train their own children to do the same. Wow. Talk about motivation! :)

  2. YES ! Amen. Powerful and insightful.

    Thank you!


  3. Thank you so much for your blog posts. They have really blessed me and challenged me. I think you are absolutely right; what a motivation for us as Christians to take God and His Word seriously!


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