Wednesday, July 15, 2009

We Have Walls, People

And ceilings.

And what's that all over them? Oh yes - it is PRIMER!

We worked until the wee hours (like 1am) and used six whole gallons of primer. I woke up this morning and promptly took two ibuprofen. I put them in my purse to share with my slave-driver mother (thanks mom!).

It's getting so close! There are some touch-ups to be done with the mud (today), ceilings to be painted two coats (Thurs), walls to be painted two coats (Fri and Sat), flooring to be installed (next week Mon-Wed), and then a whole lot of finishing to be done (doors, baseboards, trim, light fixtures). Okay, now it doesn't feel quite so close.

But once the carpets are in, the TV and a box of toys will be placed in the family room - pronto! It may not be ready for moving back in, but I tell ya I sure am ready for some of these kids to move on out of my bedroom (the only TV in the house right now, and did I mention the weather has been crappy?)!


  1. Crappy weather like 110 degrees heatwave where you are sure you'll die from just one more day of the punishment?


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