Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Gold Nuggets

So yes, I did promise updated renovation pictures today. I lied. Not intentionally, of course, but I got busy with laundry and dishes and email. Thus, the pictures did not get taken. Sometime this week then -okay?

I've decided instead to share my nuggets of learning from Sunday's sermon (in point form, because I am notsomuch in good writing mode this early morn), based in Deuteronomy 4-6.

- refusing to trust God results in us forfeiting our claim to the Promised Land

- there is an unending chain of influence through the generations

- we each have a responsibility to invest spiritually in suceeding generations to ensure continuation of Biblical fairth in the One True God and the fulfillment of His mission on earth

- one of the biggest hinderances in people's pursuit of bold faith is their parents ("You can't go to Africa, it's too dangerous!" "Maybe you should have a back-up plan in case this ministry thing doesn't work out." etc.)

- four things we can do to mentor the next generation: share God's stories (past and present); model the blessing of obedience; let our love for God show; encourage bold faith; mentor young leaders (um, that's five - the last one is a freebie)

This just wouldn't be my blog if I didn't tell you what all this means for me...

1. The God Chronicles is a darn good idea! And more of you should participate. Mmmkay?

2. I need to be telling my children about those tough things we do to walk in obedience.

3. I should stop being such a wuss when it comes to sharing my faith and stepping out in faith. I am so easily swayed by "what will s/he think," "so-and-so won't agree with this," "I don't want to stir things up," etc. Bold faith is not being afraid to give Jesus the credit, even when I'm around others who won't 'get it.' Bold faith is about doing what God tells me to do, when He tells me to do it, and not hesitating because I'm afraid that friends/family will think I'm crazy. (I mean, look what happened to all those people who thought Noah was crazy! I'm just sayin'.)

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  1. checked your mail box yet?
    That is the one attached to your house of course...
    I made an oops....rang the door bell....then read the not "not to ring the door bell"
    I figured I was safe...no small crying children....so then I knocked...hmm...door open but can't see or hear anyone...so I snuck them into the mail box...the bubble bottles that is...
    Hope the kiddies enjoy them... (and don't fight for them too much...since there is more then 2 kiddies and only 2 bottles)...

    Take care



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