Tuesday, June 9, 2009


My mom and I started Jillian Michael's 30 Day Shred on Sunday. Twenty minutes of exercise daily for a month that is supposed to transform your body. I may never know if it works, because there is no way I can do it every day! Things like reaching in the cupboards and walking down stairs have become new forms of torture for my aching muscles. I keep telling myself that walking around in all this pain has to be burning calories.

Some of our children are killing me! Like stabbing knives in my heart.
- Abbey (7) has informed us that Jordan loves her. But she doesn't love him back. Phew. No, she loves Colby. Sadly, Colby loves someone else in their grade 1 class. What?! You are too young for this! I'm not ready!
- Shea (4) shared recently that she has a boyfriend at playschool. When she speaks the name 'Cooper' she blushes (seriously, she's four and blushing over a boy?!) and giggles hysterically.
- Thankfully, Megan (6) has thus far resisted the advances of the naughty boys in her kindergarten class.
- Call me sexist, but the fact that Braeden (11) has apparently been Jessica's boyfriend and Kassidy's boyfriend over the past couple years just doesn't cause the same level of myocardial infarction as hearing my girls giggle over boys.

The basement renovation has been at a relative standstill for a week. Pat has been away for work, and I have enjoyed the noticeable absence of banging and bashing coming from the basement. But I have to say, Hello?! We've got a schedule to keep here people! Let's get back to work now. I would really like my children to be a little more spread out before the crummy weather of August hits.

Another thing that's been getting in the way of renovating progress is the upcoming soapbox derby. You might remember that Braeden raced last year; not sure if I mentioned it or not, but in his last race he had a small collision with the sidewalk. While his car needs some repairs and touch-up paint, a whole 'nother car needs to be built and painted! Abbey is going to be joining in the downhill fun. In a little over a week!

And since his name is missing from this post, I'll just give you his adorable little face. My Malakai (1.5). Blurry photo courtesy of camera-stealing child.


  1. On the 30 day shred....excuses, excuses.

    Now, I have to confess I've had a bad back the last couple of weeks so I almost collapsed at the end of our session - and will take sufficient time to properly heal - but I am much older and less resiliant than you.

    You just need to do it! And think of the upside - while it may hurt for a little while - getting back at it will loosen all those sore muscles.

    You can do it! Yes you can!

    :) Frieda (aka mom)

  2. oh my...
    That Jillian girl is kicking your butt!
    If she is anything on video like she was on The Biggest Looser...
    she would tell you what?...I won't even say it....for fear and all you might kick my butt...lol
    You are one brave woman to take that video on...
    Good luck...
    as for my weight loss..I am at a stand still ...probably really need to add an exercise plan but it won't be Jillian's...lol

  3. Mom - I will do it today, in spite of the hurt I'm in, because I KNOW it will get better!

    Nadine - she's actually much nicer on this DVD than on TBL. It's very basic exercises and only takes 20 min. Maybe you should give it a shot...

  4. Hahaha... I started the Shred a couple of months ago and could barely walk after two days!! (That reminds me, I should start again).
    Good for you and Frieda!!

  5. Excercise? What's that? You mean the thing I'm supposed to do to get rid of the muffin top left over by having four babies? Good that you are doing better than I! I hope that you see results soon (for all that pain) - keep it up!
    And there's nothing like a blurry toddler photo - I love those!

  6. I've been Shredding here for several months, minus a break for illness. The soreness doesn't last long, but I've yet to make it to level 2! :)

    I feel so much better when I do it! Keep it up!


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