Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Field Trip Fun

I have had the privilege of joining both Abbey's and Meg's classes on field trips over the past week.

The grade ones (three classes, over 50 kids) headed to a nearby village to see its historic creamery and the home of the pioneering family in that area. The trip was great fun on a day with beautiful weather. The bus ride, not quite as much fun. Noise, bad shocks, fifty 7-year-olds, and forty minutes - can you say Advil?

This is what happens when you allow children to run the camera.

The kindergartners got to visit the local fire hall. Everyone had a chance to sit in an ambulance AND a fire truck. Some of the kids even tried out the oxygen masks! This bus ride was considerably shorter and quieter (only 14 children).
This is what happens when you allow unskilled adults to run the camera.

And this, my friends, is what happens when you bribe uncooperative children with treats in order to get them to pose for a picture...

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