Friday, May 8, 2009

What to do???

Tonight is date night. We've got the sitter booked and we're ready to go! Small problem, though - we don't know what to do!

Overall, our list of ideas doesn't sound particularly exciting. I'm open to suggestions. Here's an idea - you vote, and we'll do what you say. Maybe.


  1. If it were me I'd definitely go for dinner and a movie. It's always great to eat something that you didn't have to cook and watch a movie without having to worry about being interupted by little ones!

  2. Natalia RasmussenMay 08, 2009 3:24 PM

    I always love bowling or playing pool for date night. Lots of fun..laughing and joking around. My favorites.

  3. How about a steam bath for two (oohhhhh)and out for ice cream afterwards?

  4. What's a date night??? It has been a long hubby is on a "date" with Brandon tonight for some good male bonding time.

  5. oh I missed on the voting...hope you had a great night...
    I went out with my girly to drink vegetable smoothies...and it was even yummy...
    7 kinds and only 1 yucky one...


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