Monday, May 4, 2009

Little Fishies

Spring swimming lessons...

My boy, who claims to be afraid of heights, plunged to the water from this very high ledge. Yahoo, Braeden! (The 1.8 metres is how deep the water is at that spot, but the surface of the water was about 2.5m from that ledge.)

Pre-school swimming lessons are all about making the water feel fun and safe. Shea got to be in the middle of the "rosy" this time.

Meg's learning to swim here - flutter kicks on the front.

Abbey's group, too, decided to take the plunge. She didn't even blink.
You'll notice the absence of the littlest swimmer, Kai. Around these parts you need to be 3 years old to take swimming lessons, unless your parents choose to do parent/tot lessons. I choose NOT! He gets to swim for fun with the family for now, and as soon as that third birthday comes along he can join in the fun.
The girls all "passed" to the next level! And Braeden worked so hard, cooperated so well, but that treading water for one minute straight just kept dragging him down - literally. Next time, dude.

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  1. Your fishies are so cute. I so don't blame you for jumping in with Kai, I am taking parented swim classes right now and they kinda suck. You have such cute kids.


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