Friday, May 22, 2009


As you can see, we have made a bit of headway on the basement reno. The demolition process is so close to being done I can taste it! (And literally, we can all taste the dust whenever the furnace kicks in. Nice, eh?) Walls are knocked down and hauled out. Old, moldy (ack) insulation garbaged. Glued-down carpet scraped up. Orange shag on the wall ripped down with gusto!
I feel a little guilty putting that list of work on my blog, because I didn't do much of it. My husband (the super-hero) did most of it on his own, with some great assistance from my father and my BFF's teenage son. I did haul chunks of drywall and ceiling tile out to the dumpster, and I've swept the basement floor no less than forty-six times, but that work somehow doesn't compare when we're talking a massive dumpster and three or four pick-up trucks worth of garbage.
See that pile of lumber and garbage bags in the corner? That is ALL that's left! Well, besides cleaning up the mess after the window holes get cut bigger. And disposing of the old furnace and ducting once the new one is in. But hey - putting in that new furnace is the first step in rebuilding. Yahoo!!!


  1. Yay, it is starting to look "clean"!

  2. I have been right there...with everything all tore up!!! Be strong and you will be blessed with the changes. I must say I think I enjoy the demo better than the reno!!

  3. I'm exhausted just looking at the pictures! But way to go you guys! I love seeing the before and after of renovations, can't wait to see yours!


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