Tuesday, August 16, 2011

A Heart of Flesh

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The words rushed over me with a slow, deep sting; and I felt judgment and misunderstanding and trembling and fear start to overtake me.
The person before me continued on; uttering unkind words meant to hurt, meant to cause havoc; casually flinging them at me like fiery darts full of poison. I swayed under the onslaught, longing oh so suddenly for that old heart of mine to come rushing to my rescue.
I reveled briefly in the remembrance of my old comforting friend; the dappled pebbles of indifference and smooth sleek skipping rocks of avoidance and huge weighty boulders of perceived control building an impenetrable fortress high and tall and impossible to break through around my bruising heart~ that heart of stone I had carried around most of my life like a ball and chain, dragging darkness and hopelessness and condemnation around with me as I stumbled through days where Jesus was no where to be found.
But oh the grace~ oh the sweet mercy~ the beauty of His love and salvation…
I blink and take a step back, letting THAT remembrance and THESE words overtake me; a salve to my weary soul…
I will give you a new heart and put a new spirit in you; I will remove from you your heart of stone and give you a heart of flesh.
~Ezekiel 36:26, NIV
I think as the rant continues that the new spirit I’ve been given is a gift to be shared. The steady beat of a heart of flesh; filled to the brim with His glorious love and acceptance and worthiness and joy~ filled to the brim with a new life meant to be proclaimed.
And when my heart is being attacked, when it is constricted with the pain and sorrows and unfairness of this world, I now have the choice to rush back to my old defenses, or to allow His defenses to stand firm.
When pressed to my limits, when my heart is being squeezed so tight I can barely see a way out; that’s when I can allow His love to overflow out of the new spirit He’s given me. That’s when I can shed grace on those that are unseeing.
Maybe that love will show them that they also can be covered; that their heart of stone can be a heart of flesh.
So I start to listen, start to ask questions, start to try to better understand why the other person is hurting so deep and so far that they feel poison words are the only answer.
We sit and share, and the first small seeds of faith are planted in a fellow sufferer’s heart as I share Jesus and pray they continue to run straight into His arms.
I’ve never been more grateful for a heart of flesh as the Gospel comes alive right before my eyes.
Is there a situation in your life that makes you want to run to old defenses? How can you allow the grace and love of Jesus to overcome?
Today's post is from a fellow BLASTer (Building Leaders, Authors, Speakers and Teachers), Lindsey Hartz. We haven't met in person, but I'm sure when we do our conversation will take us through a whole pot of coffee.

Lindsey has a passion to see lives changed, and she's willing to bare it all if her story will bring you one step closer to Him.
You can get to know Lindsey at A New Life, Twitter, and Facebook.

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  1. I know Lindsey and HAVE met her in person! In fact, on our first date, we shared a bed. :)

    I am so excited that you hosted her here. Isn't she a beautiful writer??????

    Hi, my dear friend, Lindsey!!! I love you!!


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