Monday, July 13, 2009

I've Been Hiding in my Place of Prayer

Things on my heart this weekend...

A sweet little baby boy, D, born at term and healthy (07/07/09). Currently hospitalized and undergoing dialysis, with a ventilator doing his breathing for him, his blood pressure being crazy, and his ammonia levels off the charts. Sweet baby, baby number 6 for his momma, strawberry blond hair, unresponsive. Your prayers for his healing - a treasure.

She Speaks preparations...
- another half chapter to write
- a proposal to finish
- a one-sheet and bio to design
- two talks to prepare
- the perfect sentence to sell my book idea to formulate

Hubby away for the 2nd full week in a row. First week with five kidlets and I cooped up hiding from the rain. Kids getting at each other all day long, me trying desperately to maintain a calm composure.

Ministry responsibilities looming...

Feeling broken for baby and mom, overwhelmed by the tasks at hand, trapped within these four walls, lonely.

Knowing that the only safe place to be in in His presence. Tightly wrapped, closely held, warmly embraced. Pouring each of these concerns as perfume at His feet.

Hiding myself in prayer. For if I am out in this world without its covering, I will surely be battered by the weather.

For this reason, I kneel before the Father. ~Ephesians 3:14


  1. my husband travels a lot for his job, overseas too - and the week long trips are/were always the hardest. I will be praying for this next week to speed by and be easy with the children!

  2. How great we can retreat to such a place of safety, comfort and love!

    If you want to get out of the house today...we are home and Aidan is home too (although he has a headache).

  3. I will be praying for you!! Would love to have you over here, too, but your husband would be back before you even got here! :)


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