Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Random Things I Like Care Package Giveaway Winner

Something just occurred to me - today is Wednesday! And I said I would choose a winner on Tuesday afternoon. Oops! I have been a bit distracted.

Mr. Random selected for me... number 11! (Someday I will learn how to make that little box appear on my blog so I can offer up some proof.)

Comment #11 -
Twincere said...
HaHa I could've wrote your post. I'm a Mom of 5 (+2 nephews) and I deplore laundry (cuz there is so much of it) and cooking is okay, if I must do it! Looking forward to your updates, and I grabbed your link from the BlogHop ‘09! Nice to meet ya!

Tanya, watch for my email so I can get your mailing details. Oh, and don't expect anything too soon - I am away for a few days and then have to actually find the time to go shopping with 5 kids home for summer, plus I'm an organized procrastinator. ;)

1 comment:

  1. Well thanks again--girl, I know how it is, its never a dull moment but we wouldn't ever change a thing now--would we, hmmm ;)

    Stay Well & Multiple Blessings


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