Thursday, July 16, 2009

Confession Time

You may have noticed my weight loss ticker. It was up around 7 lbs lost. And it's not anymore. For a couple weeks I just stopped weighing in, knowing that I was gaining. If I weighed in I would have to change my ticker, then I would be ashamed in front of my friends.

But I'm not going to keep secrets, and I will refuse the shame the enemy wants to heap on me. Because keeping our struggles a secret only keeps us feeling miserable; when we are open with our struggles, we are opening ourselves up to receive encouragement and prayers.

My struggle with this weight loss comes down to two issues: laziness and laziness. I would rather read some good blogs - when I get an hour of quiet time in the afternoon - than exercise. I would rather munch on what's readily available and prep-free - chips, fast food, etc. - than take the time to prepare healthy, lower fat meals and snacks.

My nature is to be lazy. So I give in to it. When the guilt comes (and it almost always does), I make excuses. There's too much going on right now and I can only focus on one major thing at a time; I'll focus on the weight loss after this is done. I've already completely shot today (or this week), so I may as well indulge and enjoy. Tomorrow (or Monday, or the 1st) is a good day to start. And round and round I go.

I am tired of going round and round. I am tired of my weight going down then back up again. But I am also so tired of fighting the daily battle against my laziness. It's hard to keep going when you find yourself only winning the battle 1/3 of the time.

So if you are in the same boat as me, I really want to hear from you. I need a partner in this battle, someone to work together. If you're local, even better (because I could sure use a buddy to exercise with). Isn't everything just a little bit easier when you're doing it with a friend?


  1. I wish I were local. I lost all my exercise buddies.

  2. Just visiting a few of my favorite blogs today...and there I find you and the same place I am...
    I have stopped weighing myself but I have re-gained the 12 lbs I had lost and I am pretty sure then some...
    Today's excuse...I will exercise after the heat wave is gone...ya I just got here and is not expected to last...pretty sad I know...I hate to spend my summer cooking and that is usually when I put on the much more interesting things to do then exercise...but reality is my loosing weigh is not about anything else but health...I need to loose 30 lbs for my back surgery in October...

    So your not alone...


  3. I hear ya, Tyler! I could have written that blog word for word about myself:) Lately though, I have to say, that I've been telling myself that life is about MUCH more than being an ideal weight and while it's important to eat healthfully and exercise, obsessing about it just makes me incredibly grumpy which is not so fun for my family;) For the moment anyways, I've decided to just be happy with the weight I am, buy clothes that fit me really well so I feel good about how I look...try not to have tempting foods in the house and get out for walks with the girls as often as I can. Just my two bits on the subject! I detest that we women can get so down on ourselves about our weight. Nowhere in the Bible does it say every woman needs to be a size 2!!!

  4. How did you manage to get inside my head and blog my thoughts?? :-o

    My struggle with weight really isn't about numbers (since Jan I lost 12 and gained 7 after I stopped nursing and let junk back in). I have discovered that it's about habits and feelings and relying on the Lord. I've watched my dad yoyo diet his whole life and now he has diabetes. Yet I still binge on junk in the evenings and eat on the sly (just like him).
    The only time that I am successful at being a good steward of this body is when I am consistently in the Word and praying about the issue specifically. THAT is when I feel good about myself (right where I am!), choose to eat better, find time to excercise, and sometimes lose weight to boot!

    I find it difficult, but I know that I need to keep my eyes on the Lord and not my scale. Make good choices and don't beat yourself up for the bad ones. Pray specifically and diligently. Find an accountability partner if it helps.

    You are not alone in this battle, dear!

  5. Not alone...from my stand point either. It is such a daily struggle. Seems I have a list of my own excuses too...valid, possibly, but excuses nonetheless.

    I need accountability too and I really love it when my Hunny and I walk together in the evenings (after the kids are in bed and our oldest stays up until we get back home.)

    Thanks for your honesty and keep seeking strength from the Lord.


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