Tuesday, May 3, 2011

When in Doubt, Write a List

Some interesting (and possibly useless) things I have learned lately...

I. If you put off your regular dental visit for 3 years, and only floss about once per month, you will be subjected to at least two one-hour (painful) sessions of scaling.

II. It is important to coordinate schedules with your husband - in advance. Doing so at the last minute results in two over-committed parents with a sitter who's going to Mexico. This formula is bound to equal disaster.

III. Rearranging furniture can totally change the look of your home!

IV. Rearranging your furniture may cause you to catch the "redecorating bug."

V. There is never enough time in a day. Translation: my house is a disaster.

VI. There is never enough food in the cupboards. Translation: we're out of chocolate-covered granola bars and it's an emergency!

VII. Children get along better when they're playing outdoors. It's raining today. Pray for me!

VIII. When do other people shower? Seriously.

IX. When do other people exercise? Also, seriously. I need answers to these questions, people.

X. I am afraid of controversy. Posting "Happy with the results" (regarding yesterday's election) on my personal Facebook page is causing heart palpitations. I hope no one yells at me IN ALL CAPS!

Got anything random to share? And for goodness' sake, when do you shower and/or exercise?!


  1. Early, early in the morning! Sorry to break the bad news, it's the only way that works for me.

    However, I'm friends with night-owl types and 8:30p.m. seems to be their magic hour.

  2. Oh My Goodness. This is totally me! I sit here, catching up on blogs, with a 'to do' list beside my computer and clothes piled up to fold! One more to add though:
    If catching up inside the home is a task to big to tackle, just move outside to plant some flowers. When your husband comes home you can show him how busy you have been!

  3. As far as showering goes, I have to get my oldest to "babysit" for me! If that won't work, there's option #2 which is wait until the kids are asleep on a day when I am not worn out from the day. Problem with that is that doesn't happen as often as I'd like :P Exercise? Schedule it or it ain't happenin'. And the election? As long as it was conservative who won, I'm happy :) Haven't turned on the news yet.

  4. I wanna rearrange my living room now! Wanna help?

    I shower early in the morning, about twice a week.....three if I am lucky.....gross but true.....praise God for deodorant and dry shampoo!

    Exercise - yeah - thanks God for paid in advance on the calendar Karate class....and an accountability friend ;)

    I keep telling myself that I'm gonna blink and my house will be empty and I'll only have to clean up after my hubby......I think I'll try to enjoy these chaotic years while I have the chance :)


  5. Oh - and I think the election results ROCKED!!!!!!

  6. Wait till the kids are in bed, then do a simple 15 min work out in a place that is just yours, like your room. Then jump into a nice hot shower. You think at first you'll be too tired for it, but the work out is a great stress release from the day!

  7. Your list is fun and realistic.

  8. For one I hardly shower and yes as a competitive fighter who trains every day I just gave up and use great deoderant and wear hoodies but when I do get the luxury of a shower it's when the kids are sleeping. Workout? I have "after school care" for 2 hours where I hit the weight gym and as for fight training the boys come with me. They train too and when it's my turn they have a blast in the kid area with the other kids wno's dad's are training (we have a bunch of single parents at our fight gym so there's a good group of kids that have been growing up together and love it. The weasles actually ask me to take extra classes so they can stay and play longer) I know you do karate, I picked my fight gym one based on I needed a great coach who would get me fights and 2 for the kid area they offered. I changed fight clubs soley on the kid area they have.


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