Friday, May 27, 2011

Kids Say the Darndest Things...

Another Kindergarten mom was scheduled to visit yesterday afternoon. She's pretty well known by all the kids at school, as she does lunch supervision. Shea (6) and her little dude are buddies.

Yesterday, Shea was lined up for the bus after school (they're dismissed before noon each day), and she saw Mrs. H. heading in the doors for lunch duty. Shea gleefully proclaimed, "I know you and N and coming over today!"

Mrs. H. said, "You're right, Shea. Is there anything you'd like me to bring along?" (Thinking maybe there was a particular toy N owned that Shea had seen previously and would want to play with it.)

Shea, totally casual and matter-of-fact says, "I would like chicken nuggets, french fries, sauce, and an iced tea, please."

Do you think we have McDonald's with our playdates a little too often?

Oh, and Mrs. H. delivered. :)

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