Thursday, April 14, 2011

Filling Up

Due to snow, laziness, a looming laundry pile, and getting ready for A Weekend to Remember, my Without Question post will be decidedly brief today.

God has really been speaking to me lately. It's been a lot about how much He loves me, and how I don't need to make up my own set of rules in order to have a good relationship with Him. He's been using our current sermon series and our small group discussions to remind me that it's all about staying filled up with the Holy Spirit.

The more filled I am with Him, the less room there is for all the junk.

The more filled I am with Him, the more I desire to talk to Him, listen to Him, and read His love letters to me.

The more filled I am with Him, the better my responses and reactions in difficult situations.

The more filled I am with Him, the more joy I have in all things.

What has God been speaking to you about?


This post is part of a weekly Lent series, Without Question, where we are taking time to ask God the questions that are on our hearts and listen for His answers. Anyone is welcome to join - for just one post or for the entire series.

To participate, simply write a blog post (or if you don't have a blog, leave a comment) about what God has been speaking into your heart. In your post, provide a link back to this post. If you wish, you can also insert the WQ graphic in your post. Then insert the URL for your Without Question blog post in the McLinky below.

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  1. STILL getting up every morning and reading His word and spending time in prayer before starting my day! This is like...almost 2 weeks!!!! Yay! Thanks for the encouragement and prayer! Amazing how much better the days go when you start 'em out right!


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