Friday, November 5, 2010

Friday Feast, 11-05-10

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Did you stick with me this week? With your commitment to spend time in God's Word daily?

I was 6 for 7 this week. I missed Saturday morning (because I forgot to bring my Bible along when I went to pic up my hubby).

One day I had a particularly special time with the Lord that I wanted to share. I felt Him nudging me to spend my time reading the (few) memory verses I have from this year. As I was reading through them, then reciting them, the Lord prompted me to pray His Words to Him. So I spent a few minutes on each one of my verses, personalizing and praying the Scripture, and I had one of those moments where the Lord felt so near. It was like He was across from me on the other couch, hand reached out to hold mine as we fellowshipped over His Word.

What about you? Did you have any special moments with the Lord? Or perhaps in your reading this week there was a verse that spoke to you in a new way?

I also had a question last week that I thought I'd answer here...

Q - I tend to be a "night person" and am pretty good about reading my Bible in the evenings. But mornings are a struggle for me. Do we have to have our "feast" time in the mornings?

A - Nope. Like I said at the beginning, this is a rule-less challenge. Read as much or as little as you feel God leading you to read. Do it when you feel Him calling you to do it. I mention the mornings a lot in my posts, because that is the time of day that God has called me to spend with Him.

Let's keep at it, friends! God's Word never returns void. It will always be worth our time investment. Sit down at the banquet table and dine on the rich fare. Enjoy!


  1. I was 5 for 7 this week. Much better than the 0 for 7 last week. ;) I did have a couple of things that God taught me...they're written down in my Bible study notes and one of them will probably make it onto my blog because it's something I want recorded for long-term remembrance. :)

  2. By the way, thanks for doing this. It's just the accountability I need right now. Love you!

  3. I was 7 for 7 with my personal reading in the morning (I'm in 2 Chronicles), but devotional time with hubby has been much less, we made it only a couple of times this past week.

  4. I am 7 for 7, although Im not really feasting. I am nibbling.

    Most of those days were spent bolting out of bed going full speed until I hit a brick wall and hit bed, only to look over and see the Bible has not been touched today.

    Only because of this challange, I would pick it up and read one chapter or sometimes a half of a chapter. I think I read 5 pages all week.

    SO..... my goal for this coming week is to do better, to really feast! I did start this morning with a long leisurely time in the Bible

  5. Hi there ladies! The fact that's it taken me until Sunday to post my Friday update says plenty. Talk about overwhelmed! I'm 1 for 7 this week in regards to feasting. And of course, I didn't minister to a soul. :( I feel so hungry. So far I'm 1 for 1 this week and already had a chance to intercede with someone. So what happened!?!?
    We bought a new-to-us minivan and I spent so much time researching it during the wee hours of the morning this week. You haven't seen mayhem like a two year old dressed like woody (toy story) running around in a used car dealership while his still exclusively breastfed sister wails to be feed, LoL! I had to feed her right there an then while wheeling and dealing. Covered, of course! My rush was prompted by sale on the exact car we were looking for. I'm frugal so I wanted to make sure this deal was a "deal." my hubby is gone right now so talk about overwhelmed. It took me three days to negotiate a better deal on an already fair deal while keeping my husband in the loop via email on the whole thing. I even wrote him a looking pro and con list.


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