Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Do You Know Him?

In doing some prep work and research for a message I'll be sharing early next month, I re-discovered this powerful message.

Of all the descriptors Dr. S.M. Lockridge uses for Our King, which one speaks to you the most and why?


  1. I love the statement, "He's impartially merciful." Because if His mercy were partial, were contingent on my performance or personality, or dependant upon how deserving I am, I would be without it. But His mercy is impartial. He doesn't care if I'm thin or fat, cheerful or grouchy, hard-working or lazy, a little bit bad or really, really bad. All He cares about is that I am in need of mercy. I need it, so He gives it. Wow.

  2. All sufficient savior - that's the one that got me. He is everything I need....nothing more, nothing less. All sufficient for me.


  3. He is ENOUGH! I forget which name it is, but it means "Enough". Always enough. I love that.

  4. All sufficient Savior!
    Thanks for sharing this Tyler! :D


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