Friday, October 29, 2010

Friday Feast, 10-29-10

First, I just have to say this - my husband is coming home tonight! Yahoo! I can't wait to see him!!! My plan is to meet him at the airport with some warm clothes and a slurpee (one thing he'll need, one I know he'll want). I think slurpees are his love language. Oh, how I've missed him!

Okay, let's get down to business. Were you feasting on the Word of God this week? Did you meet your goal of doing so daily? (If you missed the challenge, but think you'd like to join in, check out this post. And then just join us! There are no rules on this here blog. Otherwise I'd make myself crazy trying to follow them.)

I was 6 for 7. I missed Sunday morning, and it seemed that no matter my intentions the entire day went by. Before I knew it I was almost asleep in bed and realized that I totally messed up on my own challenge! BUT, I didn't give up (as I am apt to do when I experience small failures) and instead tried again Monday morning.

I am so glad that I was intentional about being in the Word this week. Because it was the kind of week that would have made it easy to let it slide. I've been staying up far too late (because I can't seem to fall asleep without Pat), which makes me very inclined to sleep in. Sleeping in makes me rushed, cranky, and prone to skipping parts of my morning routine (Bible time is often the first to go - how dumb is that?!). And with Pat being gone I am "on" all day every day with the kids, which can also cause me to feel rushed and cranky. All of that could have stacked up into a big, fat week of disaster. But the living and God-breathed Word of Scripture was with me to start my days, and stayed with me throughout. Praise Him.

I know I already asked this, but how did you do this week? Be honest - we're not here to condemn each other. If you struggled, let your sisters encourage you and give you ideas to make it work. And if you did great, let us "hip-hip-hooray!" with you.


  1. I Love this "feast challange" and thought of it often in the week and remembered to read. I need the structure of a challange/group effort! I am also 6 out of 7. Also skipped Sunday morning, although I did go to Sunday School and church Sunday morning and then again on Wednesday. Also, some days I read in morning and in night! Reading in Chronological Bible (read over 40 pages this week!!!)

    And welcome home Pat!

  2. Big fat FAIL for me. 0 for 7. Did you read that? ZERO FOR SEVEN! I haven't had a record that bad in a LONG time, and I find it to be no coincidence that I obtained that record on a week when I had this challenge. Hmmm...can you say SATAN? Not that it's his's mine. All mine.

    Anyway, Chris has been working every moment of every day this week, plus I've committed to doing more to help him by doing things like making him a nice-sized lunch, taking on his duties around the home, spending more time getting the house extra tidy so when he FINALLY gets home at 9/10/11 o'clock, he walks into an unfrazzled home after a frazzled day.

    EXCUSES! Can you hear my excuses? Enough said. I'll be checking back in next Friday, this time with a much better record! I know what I need to do, I just need to be disciplined!

    Great job, by the way! And enjoy your hubby tonight! Are you going on a date? Do tell... :)

  3. His plane lands at 9:50, and he will still have to clear customs before I see him. So it will be 10:30 or later by the time I get to give him his slurpee. (I haven’t yet figured out where to get one close to the airport and how to keep it from melting…) But we are staying in a hotel at the airport tonight, for some time alone together before the chaos of kids and life. ;) Have I mentioned he’s been gone for almost 2 weeks? We’ll get the kids from my parents in the AM and head home for a day of laying around the clean house and an evening of sleeping in the freshly laundered bedding. Yes, I am likely going to be exhausted before I hit the road this evening! LOL. 

    I will be praying for you! Forgive yourself for last week and start over. You can do it! (Ephesians 6:10-18)

  4. I started on Monday and so my score is 3 of 4. I'm actually pretty happy to see that number. My hubby is in the Navy so I can be a very over-whelmed mommy sometimes. Couple that with occasional 3am phone calls from remote parts of the world and long emails to keep my hubby up-to-date with everything at home with my 2 old and 4 month old. In midst of this chaos, my Lord showed out and reminded me (through his word :) "come to me all ye who labor and are heavy laden and I will give you rest for your souls" ahhhhh. How refreshing. I am also amazed how the lord took an ordinary week and not just got me through, but used me to encourage and pray with and for others through this time. Thank god for his word! I'm not sure why I pass up these feasts so often. I need them...BADLY!

  5. I didn't do too great this week... 2 out of 7. No excuses, but when my children are ill and my overgrown child (yes, I do mean my husband) is also ill, I tend to go into overload and forget to do basic things like eating, sleeping and reading the Word.

    Hopefully, by next week, my family will be back to being healthy and I will get some more time in the Word.

  6. Bobbie - You go, girl! Every time you talk about your chrono Bible I am reminded that I really, really want to get one!

    M to the S - Wow! I get why you may feel overwhelmed occasionally. I'm a big baby and my hubby's only been gone 2 weeks. You will be in my prayers. And keep at it, girlfriend! You are doing great! (I love hearing that you are ministering to others. Love it. Bless you!)

    Jamie - Ick! Illness is no fun. And much as I love my man, I hear what you're saying. They do tend to be a little needy when sick. Don't you worry about a difficult week, just get back at it this week. :)

  7. I read at least something from the Bible every morning this week and had my hymn and prayer time on the way to work except this morning. I was running so late that I was stressed out and speeding my way to work. I was really disappointed in myself. Also, hubby and I have done devotions every night this week, and I fell asleep early only once I think.


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