Thursday, June 10, 2010


Do you have a tribe?

Imagine if you were in need, think of the people who would rally around you. Those people are your tribe.

I've always thought I had a tribe that consisted of certain people, but I wonder which ones would really be there and stick with me through the worst that life can dish out. I might be surprised to find that my tribe is made up of different people than I expect.

What if you don't have a tribe?

Look at the people around you. God has put you in proximity and relationship with each one of those people for a reason. Take time to get to know those people. Do nice things for them. Listen. Build your own tribe.

Seeing the many people caring for my friends reminded me of the importance of having a tribe. It's amazing to me - their tribe is made up of some people they've only recently met and some who were friends 10 years ago. Men, women, family, friends, co-workers, pastors. They are deeply loved by many. They are loved because they have loved others. They have invested time, energy, prayers, finances, and more into fostering relationships. I don't know if they've ever had an acquaintance - everyone they meet is a friend.

I always tell Deb that I want to be like her when I grow up. Even more so now. To have invested wisely and reap the benefits of all the seeds of love sown - that is what some may call the good life. Relationships make life's hardships bearable. And there is an absolute guarantee that those hardships will come. Your tribe will help you survive.

Do you have a tribe?

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  1. I discovered that I was a member of someone's tribe and I didn't even know!! An acquaintance has turned out to be a friend... I was out at an event that we both attend regularly and I could tell she was having a particularly bad time of it, it just screamed out in her body language. I pulled her aside and asked her if she was okay. What came next was an outpouring of some really personal things going on in her life. I gave her the only advice that made sense to me... "Be honest with yourself and be honest in your relationships. If it is worth fighting for don't let pride stand in your way." She emailed me a couple days later and thanked me for my advice and gentle insistence. I realized that I was a member of her tribe, and that made me feel amazingly good!! So I have to tell you that you are right... your tribe isn't always who you think it is.


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