Tuesday, January 5, 2010


I am fully uninspired this morning. I have been up between 6-12 times per night for the past 4 nights, and I am plumb tuckered out! So I decided the best thing I could do (for you and for me) is to pose a few questions that I wonder about. I would be just tickled if you took the time to answer. :)

1. Am I the only one who still has my Christmas tree and decorations out?
I have thought to myself daily since December 30th, "Self, you should really get that tree down and all the decorations put away." But the lazy in me keeps winning out.

2. How many cups of coffee do you drink in the morning?
Three cups is about perfect for me. If I only have one I end up with a headache, but if I have four my tummy starts to feel that "icky" feeling.

3. What time do you put your kids to bed? And what time do they get up?
I am fairly strict about our 7pm bedtime on school nights. Those who don't actually need as much nighttime sleep (anyone who napped) will wake up as early as 6am. The school kids are dragged out of bed at 6:45 - in order to catch the bus at 7:45.

4. Do you floss your teeth regularly?
I never have. I would say that I floss about once per month, and once per week for the month prior to a dentist visit. I know, pathetic.

5. If you were stranded on a desert island and could only keep the pages from one book of the Bible, which book would you keep? And why?
I'd have to say James. Every time I read it I find something practical and relevant. Love it!


  1. Of COURSE I have the tree down...but uh, everything on it and EVERY other Christmas decoration is laying on the dining room table until my lazy stops winning out too! So I'd say that's no better - lol!

    I am working my way down from 2 morning cups & 1 4pm cup to 1 morning cup cuz I'm really sensitive to caffeine and it really makes me crash and feel even worse. But I LOVE it so it's uber hard - even harder than quitting sugar (ahem...which btw should be done any.day.now - as soon as those leftover cookies are gone aka in my tummy and on my rear).

    My kids head up to bed at 7:30 and usually wake btwn 7 to 7:30am. I can't complain about that!

    I don't floss either but considering my dental health, I truly should....before all my teeth fall out from all the Christmas cookies. :-o

    If I were stranded, James would be my first pick too. Just love it, love it, love it. Proverbs would be a close 2nd for some unknown reason.

    Thx for getting me thinking! Now go get yourself some sleep or coffee!

  2. I doubt you're the only one to have a tree and decorations up, we still need to do Ukranian Christmas! I took mine down slowly, one day I took all the stuffy things off, then the ornaments, then my husband on day three said "okay you and the kids finish that tree!" It might have gone on longer otherwise.

    Coffee, I really like my coffee. But if it's not good coffee I'll pass. I'm a dark roast girl and I usually have only two a day.

    My kids go to bed later than I do, I'm old. They get up on weekends later than I would like.

    I try to floss daily. I'm paranoid about bad breath. I'm always talking, I should be paranoid.

    Fav book? I can't say it enough, I love Daniel. There are health tips in there, integrity, living in the world but not of the world, persistant in prayer, intelligent, need I go on?

  3. 1. Am I the only one who still has my Christmas tree and decorations out?
    Katelyn and I took down the tree
    before New Years Day. I am so glad to have the house back to normal.

    2. How many cups of coffee do you drink in the morning?
    TWO - I must have two each morning or the day just isn't right.

    3. What time do you put your kids to bed? And what time do they get up?

    Bedtime is 8:30 for the three youngest. Ryan's is 9:00 and Katelyn usually goes to bed by 10:00.

    4. Do you floss your teeth regularly?
    I try to floss several times a week, but this past week I have failed.

    5. If you were stranded on a desert island and could only keep the pages from one book of the Bible, which book would you keep? And why?

    I love reading the book of Ruth. Ruth is so amazing. I love how she responds to her Mother in law - she is a great role model.

  4. 1. My decorations are still out and they will be staying out for at least 2 more weeks. I'm not ready to say goodbye to my tree with all the pretty lights.. :)

    2. Coffee...about a half a pot. I've stopped drinking all soda (Lord help me) so I'm trying to keep the caffeine headaches away and gradually lower my caffeine intake. Oh my...a Moutain Dew sounds sooooo good right now.

    3. We start the bedtime process at 7:30, and all the kids are in bed by 8:00. Pierce is up at 6:00 but has to stay in bed until 7:00, and then he usually wakes his brother. Pretty sure everyone else would sleep until 8 or later if allowed.

    4. I used to floss once a month if I was lucky. But prenancy has wrought havoc on my gums so I've been trying to be more proactive. I bought a Reach flosser and it makes the job easy peasy. I always hated sticking what felt like my whole fist into my mouth.

    5. Either Hebrews or James. I have almost all of both them highlighted in my Bible. They're packed full of stuff that makes me say "Oooohhhh Wooooow" every time I read them. :)

  5. 1-My tree has been down and put away since boxing day...after being up for a total of 6 weeks...it was time...

    2-I will quit tomorrow:)...ahem may be not..I usually drink 1 or 2 but have drank as many as 4...

    3-Bedtime here is not negotiable..they go to get ready at 6 pm (brush teeth,puffers etc...) then it is read some books with daddy and lights out by 6:30-6:45...they are up around 6:30-7am...I can't complain about that...

    4-I floss every single day!!!I have very tight teeth and food gets jammed pretty good and it hurts..plus we have heart disease in our family and we were told to floss...and so I floss life a good girl:))

    5-There are so many good books...and while it would be hard to stick to one...Psalms would be my first...behind it Daniel...
    Is that the only thing I can bring on this desert island??

  6. I took my tree down on Monday...can't stand it up after new years.
    I sometimes have a cup of coffee in the morning, lately its been a Roiboos tea with milk and a touch of Vanilla flavour.
    I NEVER put my kids to bed...they should be old enough to figure that out them selves....but I usually go to bet around 10pm if I am not out at a Women's Ministry Meeting!!
    I floss my teeth about once every couple of weeks....only because I have to...
    If I was stranded, I would want the psalms...I love the praising of God!

    Miss you Tyler!! Love the questions!!


  7. I know this is an older post, but I miss you, so I will answer anyways...

    1. My tree and decorations got taken down and put away over Sun/Mon. I did everything I could do on Sunday, but you know those boys like to drag out tasks, so they didn't pull it all downstairs till Monday.

    2. I drink three cups of coffee in the morning.

    3. We go to bed between 9 - 11 around here. Most school nights I try to get the kids in bed by 9 to read, do homework, study or so on, but hey - the Biggest Loser is on from 9 - 11 on Tuesdays, so the boys and I stay up to watch that together.

    In the morning people get up any time b/w 7 - 8, often with much threatening from me! On weekends? B/w 10 - 2, again, often with much threatening from me!

    4. I am a flosser - probably 5 - 6 times a week.

    5. Probably Genisis.


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