Friday, January 8, 2010

'Lo and Behold

Somebody at our house is VERY enamoured with his Papa.

Kai tends to give everyone who enters the door a thrilled greeting, but he saves his loudest and most excited for Papa.

Not long ago I had all the kids at the eye doctor. Mr. Kai asked for my phone, "'Lo? 'Lo?" (He knows that playing with his Mommy's 'Hello' is something that he needs to ask for with his sweetest voice and smile. Because nothing was more important to me than him being good in the waiting room, I hit the lock button and handed it over.

He chattered and babbled into that phone for a few minutes, then came and handed it to me. (As if to say, "Here Mom, it's for you.") I played along and talked to the imaginary person on the other end. Eventually, I told him it was for him. He grinned and chatted some more.

I began asking who he was talking to. "Is it Daddy?" He shook his head no. "Is it Abbey?" He shook his head again and pointed at Abbey across the waiting room. (Duh, Mom, she's right here.) "Is it Grandma?" - this one has been the sure answer with four other children.

Finally, Malakai looks me in the eye and says, "No! PAPA!!!!" How silly of me to forget...

He walked off with the phone to his ear and I heard him talking:
"Hi Papa."

Like I said, that boy LOVES his Papa. And apparently he's observed a few telephone conversations in his day. :)

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