Thursday, October 22, 2009


* If Heather emails me a picture this morning, I will add it asap. :)

I had a date night planned last night, with my sweet friend April. She picked me up when she got off work, and we headed to Tony Roma's.

When we walked in, I found it odd to see a couple gals I know - Peggy and Heather - sitting at a table with balloons on it. I thought to myself, "Hmmmm, looks like they're here for a baby shower. I wonder who it's for? I wonder why I wasn't invited? Oh, get over yourself! Go say hi and then let them get to their party, just enjoy your night out." All of these thoughts occurred in just a split second. Then I hear April ask if I'm surprised. So I pause and consider. Then I look to April, back to Peggy and Heather and their balloons, and it dawns on me - the party is for me!

To say I was shocked is probably the biggest understatement of the year.

Just after we sat, another friend - Ifie - arrived to join us for dinner. The five of us completely pigged out and enjoyed one another's company. I got to wear a special pink ribbon on my shirt that labelled me "Most Loved."

Instead of going out to a movie as we had planned, we headed back to April's house to enjoy a movie on her big movie screen. A few more friends joined us there - Angela, Karalee, Stacy, and Frieda (my mom). Of our women's ministry leadership team, only one sweet gal was missing!

The movie was loud and funny, with a few special tear-jerker moments for us girls. After the movie we roasted ourselves in the hot tub for a while (they had even lined up a bathing suit for me), and visited some more. The night was filled with conversations about marriage, sex, ministry, friends, food, clothes, and all things girlie - with a healthy dose of laughter throughout it all.

A few of these girls have regular, ongoing commitments on Wednesday nights. When it occurred to me that they had ditched out on those things to do this for me, I was "this close" to bursting into tears.

These women - I love them with my whole heart! It's hard to imagine that I will ever find such a special group of friends in our new city. Friends who will not only say they love me but show it in ridiculous, fun, and sacrificial ways. The thought of moving away from them makes me sad.

But I know that I know that God is good and He has a good plan. And I believe that He can and will provide someone special for me in SP. And as our pastor told us...moving doesn't need to mean leaving our home, it will mean that we have two safe places to call home.

Girls, thank-you for loving on me last night. I can't tell you how special and blessed I feel. It is a privilege and an honour to call you my friends and sisters. And I totally can't believe you managed to pull one over on me! Seriously, no clue...

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  1. I am so glad you were are loved my dear! We did have a good time last night, didn't we!! We'll have to do that again when you come for your monthly visit to this town.


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