Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Family Stuff

Just a little something I jotted out last night after a time of learning, praise, praise, and worship...
How to Train our Children:
- to love God with their whole hearts
- to serve God and others as an outpouring of that love
- to worship without inhibition

• worship music playing at all times
• stop to pray, praise, worship at set points throughout the day
• invest time in them for fun
• invest time in them for training in obedience
• invest time in them for discipline
• love God with our whole hearts
• model service to them and to others
• worship without inhibition, inviting them to participate
• family memory verses
• family devotionals
• bring God into every conversation
• share our prayer requests and praises with the children
• teach them to pray out loud, without inhibition
• pray out loud with them, without inhibition
• love one another (as a couple) with passion and purpose
• love one another (as a family) with passion and purpose
• obey God without question or hesitation, and tell the kids about it
• give generously as a couple and as a family
• model the fruits of the spirit

• stop yelling
• stop swearing
• do not be impatient
• do not be angry
• put the needs of others before self (ie., kids before computer)
• do not disobey God
• stop repeat sin

We need to develop a plan as a family. A vision, mission, and values perhaps? A goal to aspire to and the methods to attain it. A common objective.

So, anyone out there have a "family vision statement" of sorts? Will you share it?


  1. My husband and I just talked about sitting down and writing out long term goals for our children (ie. spiritual, educational, etc.) so we can get a game plan to attempt to meet the goals. I'm noticing that for me, almost everything has to be intentional. If I don't "schedule" the important stuff in, it gets shoved out of my day by housework and other things. Apparently I'm not spontaneous... :) Love your list by the way! My weakness is prayer. I pray on my own, but I don't share my prayer life with my kids like I should. I hardly ever randomly pray for things with my kids. They worry about silly things all the time, but I don't bring them before the Throne like I should. I need to be more intentional about that one...

    Have a great day!

  2. Love that list! Awesome things to strive for daily. Takes setting priorities, doesn't it?

    Our vision statement is simple but encompasses a lot:

    "To love God and others and teach our children to do the same."

    By the way, I will have an answer for your question...soon I hope. :)


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