Monday, December 8, 2008

Update, More Heavenly Partying

Relating to my post earlier today...

I planned to just leave it alone, let Braeden come to me. I didn't want to push or pressure him in any way. Baptism needs to be a decision made of your own will, with no convincing or cajoling.

I believed that God had put it on Braeden's heart to be baptised, but fear overcame obedience. Regardless of that belief, I still wasn't about to "suggest" anything.

Before climbing in the tub tonight, he told me again, "Mom, I want to get baptised. Tonight. In the bathtub." (If you know Braeden, it really sounded more like, "Mom, Ina get 'tised. 'Night. Buhtub.") I told him to get clean while Pat and I talked.

The conversation went a little like this...

In the bathtub? Really? Can we do that?

Um, well, I don't know if it's technically how it's typically done. But should we really say no?

Hmmm. Yeah. Okay. Let me look in my Bible.

Okay. Let me go scrub the tub for pictures.

Braeden's earthly Abba sharing some words from the heart of his Heavenly Daddy.

Triple yay, King Jesus!

A couple notes:
- I do not believe you need to have someone "official" to make a baptism real, true, or meaningful. (It's nice, but not necessary. I also can't find anywhere in the Bible that says it must be a Pastor/Reverend.)
- I do believe that when God tells us to act we need to do so immediately. But for those times when we let fear get in the way of our obedience (like Braeden did yesterday), He is faithful to give us another chance. Braeden told me that God TOLD him last night, "Braeden, you need to get baptised TOMORROW." Who am I to question what the Almighty Lord commanded my son to do.
- I could not be more proud of both Braeden and Abbey for taking a bold step of faith, moving forward in their walk with the Lord.

And a weird side-note... If you were wondering what the heck that thing is that Abbey was baptised in, but were too polite to ask, I'll answer (because I just realized it looks like a big metal garbage can). It's a horse trough. Our baptismal tank is under our stage and is about 4.5' deep - a fair bit deeper than most of yesterdays' baptisees are tall. Our children's pastor improvised!


  1. Wooooo Hooooo! Heavenly Hollas! That's the best moment in a parent's life!

    We've been having some of those talks around here lately too, just not sure we're there yet! I love that you cleaned the tub for pictures! I probably would have asked them to unlock the church just so I wouldn't have to clean the tub! ;)

  2. That's so great, Tyler:) Hooray for Braeden! (I would have scrubbed my bathtub before pictures too. LOL)

  3. Oh yeah....soooo exciting!! You are a good mommy and obedient daughter to our Heavenly Father Tyler!

  4. So exciting! Yeah Braeden!! He will ALWAYS remember this!

  5. My throat just closed up, and my eyes filled. Double blessings this weekend.

  6. Tyler , that is so beautiful that you and Pat got the privilage to honor God and you're son's heart. Braeden's love for Jesus shines. Thanks for letting us share in his Baptism. Loved the Pics of Abby's experience, too. Heavens Partying loads !!!

  7. Way to go Braeden and Abby! I got teary eyed thinking back to when I first met Braeden at Sonshine kids almost 5 years ago. It's so great to see kids grow in their faith. Way to go mom and dad,too!

  8. The most beautiful thing I have ever seen!
    Yeah Braeden...The angels are singing...
    This warms my heart...

    We will keep you covered in prayers Braeden

  9. That is absolutely awesome! I'm speechless and tearing up. I don't think anything could have been more perfect!

  10. Good for you girl. WOW - so beautiful and memorable. I read your prayer request below too and will pray for the faith of your children to be rooted deep in their hearts tonight!

  11. Pat & Tyler. Before these posts pass away into history - I just want to tell you how proud I am of you both - as my kids and as parents to your kids. I look at the spiritual legacy you are building and am awed. You are good and faithful servants and your children will eternally reap what you are sowing!

    Pat, that picture of you and Braeden with your Bible is the most moving father/son picture I have ever seen.

    Love you both - more than you can know....

    Frieda (Mom)

  12. Awwww, so very happy for Braeden and your fam! What a blessing to get to experience this with your child and I'm so glad that you acted in obedience!
    I love visiting your blog!


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