Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Losing Big Time

I tend to have a case of ADD when TV watching, so bear with the incomplete details...

I spent one hour of my time last night flipping channels back and forth between NCIS and The Biggest Loser (grand finale).

There's something about TBL that just inspires a girl! I mean, those folks made me really believe I could do it! Eat right, work out HARD, and get back down the slender 130 lbs of my dreams.

So I sat, watching a man who had been dead renew relationship with his family (NCIS) and people who had been dangerously obese gain new life (TBL), and I cried. Not just an "awwww how sweet I'm getting a little choked up" sorta cry. More like an "all out sobbing and hiccuping and snot dripping from my nose" kinda cry. The only explanation I have for this behaviour is hormones.

Seriously, who SOBS with joy seeing people lose 135 lbs in six months? Something had to be done to stop my absurd display of, well, sobbing.

So as I watched an alive-again man hug his granddaughter and a woman win $250,000 for losing nearly 50% of her body weight, I self-medicated with a most wonderful and gigantic piece of chocolate cake soaked in canned evaporated milk. (Don't knock it till you try it, people. It's sheer yummy heaven. Heaven, I tell you!)

Yeah, I'll be inspired after Christmas...


  1. I just might have to get me some of that and try it...the milk part sound like a "survivors!!
    Thanks Tyler for your prayers...that profoundly touched me...
    Love ya

  2. You are too funny! I was too exhausted to even think about live-blogging last night, so I sat and watched with my peanut M&Ms, though I must say the chocolate cake sounds delightful. My inspiration is after Christmas as well. I know, Bob wouldn't approve! :) I already can't wait for the next season! I must say that I was THRILLED that Michelle won!

  3. are so stinking funny! I watched some TV last night while baby ate 10 chocolate covered cherries. That darn baby and his/her cravings :)

  4. ROFL! You crack me up!
    I want to encourage you by telling you how amused my 7yo ds was with my 'muffin top' at Old Navy today while I was trying on jeans (that should have fit, doggone it! I will NOT get the next size!). He was nearly ROFL and poking my dough belly as I tried to blame it all on him and his siblings' time in utero!
    But really, I think it's the 12 chocolates that I just finished off... *sigh*

    Resolutions can NOT come soon enough for me! :-p


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