Friday, December 26, 2008

Holiday Randomness

First, a few questions...

How can it be possible, that no matter what time the children go to bed - whether 7:30pm or 10pm or somewhere in-between - they are fully capable of waking up just after 6am?

When did the word "holidays" become synonymous with the phrase "completely pig out until you're so full that you might throw up"?

No matter how simple I attempt to make the gift-giving aspect of Christmas for the kids, why do we end up needed to completely rearrange the house to fit their new haul?

Who knew that a completely gluten-free Christmas day could taste so good that I would "holidays"?

And now, a brief statement on my character...

For a girl who prides herself on being quite practical, I was surprised to realize that the thought of my husband buying me a brand new vacuum for Christmas wasn't all that exciting. I was relieved, overjoyed (and a bit embarrassed at seeing my true, completely non-practical side take over) when I opened my gift to find a gorgeous new family ring. Seven stones, two of them glimmery diamonds for our April babies. It's very "blingy" - I love it! Just a brief note to any men - this is a very important lesson - never. ever. buy your wife a vacuum as a gift. Seriously, don't do it! She really isn't nearly as practical as she thinks she is.

Another surprising bit of self-discovery: my vain side also made an appearance when I was holding out my hand to show off my gift (yes, if you're counting, it seems there are at least three sides to my personality). #1 - I need to get acrylic nails; my hands are ugly! #2 - It is really not attractive for a nearly 31-year-old woman to bite her nails down to the quick.

Merry Christmas, happy holidays, try to sleep in a bit, and enjoy your gifts (even if there are far too many of them kicking around your house). The most important thing, though, is that you teach your kids to sleep in. Geeeeesh!


  1. You have such a sweet husband. Show a picture of the new ring. Merry Christmas to you and family.

  2. Sounds like he played a trick on you.
    We might be practical but lets face it. We still like pretty things.

  3. OH - I want a to see the ring! I want something like that with the 4 kids birthstones when we are confident in the size of our family being complete.


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