Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Works for Me Wednesday - Kitchen Clean-Up

I have been reading up on other's WFMW tips for ages, but never felt I had any great ideas to contribute. As I was rushing about cleaning up the kitchen last night I was struck by a thought, "I bet no one else does this thing - I should post it on WFMW!" So, here I am. :)

There is nothing I hate more than trying to wipe down a kitchen table (or counters) covered in crumbs. It is simply impossible to catch all those little buggers in the cloth and avoid having to sweep the floor. And it is just plain irritating to shake and rinse the cloth fourteen times before the table is actually clean. So here's 2 tips in one: mini broom and dustpan, microfibre cloth.

- wipe 1/3 of table
- shake out cloth into garbage can (or sink)
- rinse cloth
- repeat the above steps 2-3 times
- sweep floor
- then, wipe once more for those last sticky spots that were hidden beneath the crumbs

-sweep crumbs off table with handy dandy little broom (I think they're designed for camping, with a handle that just fits in your hand) - directly onto dustpan in other hand
- wipe down with AMAZING microfibre cloth that gets every. single. sticky. spot (trust me, these things are miraculous)
- sweep floor (sorry, I know, I was hoping to skip this step, but come on people - I've got five kids, the floor is always filthy!)

Thanks for visiting. If you want to find more WFMW tips, go visit Rocks in My Dryer.


  1. oo, i definitely need one of those microfiber clothes:)

  2. That's a great idea!

    Too bad the sweeping couldn't be skipped. I hate sweeping the kitchen floor! But I hate mopping it even more!

  3. Those cloths are AWESOME!!!


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