Monday, May 19, 2008

Happy Mom's Day to Me!

Our family vehicle, for the past several years, has been a Dodge Caravan. It's a pretty standard minivan - not the new kind with the big cargo space and the handy little unlock button. Nope. Basic model, small cargo space, unlocks with key only, no rear heat/air. It did have a DVD player, so on the scale of bells 'n whistles I'll give old Cara Van ONE BELL.

At the risk of using strong language that I discourage the children to use - I hated this van! It was squishy and squashy! If I wanted to get groceries for our family of 7 it was necessary to remove the stroller and leave the children at home (which is really quite okay, because who likes to shop with 5 kids?). In order to go on a fun outing and bring Grandma along (for fun and help) it was necessary to bring 2 vehicles (or have Grandma sit on the floor - don't worry, she's youthful and strong, lol).

To get in, a key had to be inserted into the lock. To lock, the front door had to be left open until everything was unloaded, the lock button pushed, then the front door could be closed. And did I mention that it was squishy? Seats seven, seven seated, three in car seats. Can I just say 'ugh!'

So after much grumbling, whining, and crying, Pat finally caved in order to get me to shush! We have been looking for one of these babies for months, and on Mother's Day weekend we finally found one at a price we could live with! Without further ado, I'd like to introduce you to Burban (that's her nickname, her full name is 2003 Suburban).

She has - count them - EIGHT seats! And MAJOR cargo space! Rear heat and air, triple climate control! And I can unlock her with a little button! YAY!!!!! Sad little side note, she is lacking in the DVD player department. We may need to invest in a portable player (or two, since the rows of seating are so. very. far. apart. yay.) before making our 4-day trip down to Reno this summer. We are now accepting donations toward the DVD fund...


  1. yey! congrats! yippee! i'm sooo happy for you. i really am, (ok i'll admit to a bit of covetous behaviour as well) i also drive an old van. but am truly thankful that it at least get's dh to work and back and all else in between. and am praying that God will show us just the right car to buy w/ out stimulus check:)

  2. Wow! Now THAT is a Mother's Day present! :)

  3. Yeah!..more space in the vehicle is always you can do groceries with all the kiddies and your mom doesn't have to sit on the!

  4. YIPPEE! My neighbor and her 5 kiddos and hubby have this. They LOVE it.


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