Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Tiny Talk Tuesday

Abbey (6) recently got 'spring pictures' taken at school. (What's with that, anyway? They don't gouge us enough in fall? Twice a year is better, I guess. I can't believe that they send the pictures home whether you want them or not. Then you must either send them all back, in tact, or keep and pay for them. Lesson learned the hard way.) Anyway, back to the story... In the package of pictures, there was a cool sheet of stickers. The kids were all thrilled with these and everybody wanted one. Abbey proceeded to hand out the stickers, one by one. She approached each family member, patted the sticker onto their chest, and said, "Abbey fan." Later, we found a sticker on the bathroom mirror and Abbey informed me, "Look, the bathroom's an Abbey fan, too!" Kids.


Megan (5) hopped in the van and scooped up a Magic Bag that was tucked under the seat (left there so I would hopefully remember to return it to the friend I borrowed it from). She draped it over her shoulders, leaned her head back, and said, "Ah. I need to relax!"


Meg was full of funniness this week. One day she comes walking into the front door, kicks off her shoes, and exclaims, "My feet are killing me!"

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  1. Aren't kids the cutest? Thanks for visiting my blog!

  2. "abbey fan"!! i luv it!

    sis the other day, the day b4 she was to see the chiropractor had apparently heard me copmplain about my back hurting, she rubs the back of her neck and says "my neck is killin' me mom!"

    i'm like "you're 5, how bad could it be??"

    btw-thanx for your prayers:)

  3. Cracking me up! I just need to relax too -good call ;)

    Happy TTT!

  4. Abbey has a pretty clever sense of humor, to designate everyone, "Abbey fans." It's a riot!

  5. Love those. They are so funny.

    I love how she says her feet are killing her. Has she heard that before.
    And how she needs to just sit down and relax.
    Funny stuff.

  6. Her feet are killing her? I am still laughing!


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