Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Thin is IN! Tuesday

It was not a great week. My biggest exercise was sledding on Sat (which I calculated to only be worth 3 points of extra food - darn)...didn't get to the gym at all. Ate birthday cake twice, and went out to dinner and a movie once. Actually, I'm surprised I lost anything at all!

So, here's this week's stats:
weight: 153.2lbs (down 1.2 from last week, down 7.8 total)
body fat: 29% (down 1 from last week, 2 total)

I will be super happy when I can comfortably fit more than just this one pair of jeans that I've been washing 4x/week for the past few months! (Soon...I wore them last week once, but they were a bit snug...made quite the muffin top effect, lol.)

Oh, and here's my greatest fear... Malakai is hungry! So hungry that I can nurse him (both sides) and he'll still drink a 4-6 oz bottle. Which indicates that, in spite of my diligent efforts, I am simply not producing enough milk. And I know that if I am supplementing regularly (like several bottles per day) it will become irritating to both breastfeed and bottle feed. AND DID YOU KNOW I GET TO CONSUME 10 EXTRA POINTS PER DAY WHEN I'M BREASTFEEDING!? I cannot imagine surviving on only 20 points a day - right now I'm at about 30 and some days I'm starving! (Guess I'll really have to kick up the efforts at the gym.)

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