Thursday, January 10, 2008

Sorry, I'm bad at this

I really intend to blog daily, or at least every other day. And I start one almost every day. BUT, I get 2 sentences into it and get interrupted, "mom, I need, I want a snack...mooooom, the movie won't work...MOM, WIPE MY BUM!" and I totally lose my train of thought. I'll start sitting down in the evening once everyone's in bed - maybe I'll complete an entire post in one sitting. (Hey, when did my kids stop calling me Mommy?! That's the saddest little realization...)

So here's my little food for thought today (borrowed from Alicia Britt Chole):

The thunder sounded in the distance as my dad and I exchanged smiles. Hearing the summons, we both rose and took our places on the deck. Side by side we sat in silence relishing the first movements of nature's symphony.

The wind carried to us the sweet promise of rain. The lightening danced to a rhythm it alone could hear. The clouds rolled like an ocean over our heads.

While the storm proclaimed nature's untamed beauty, I sat in perfect peace in daddy's arms and tears of contentment collected in my eyes.

From the beginning, Dad was determined that his child would not inherit fear. "There is nothing to fear, " he would say as he scooped me up and carried me out to our chair. Over the decades, I grew to savor storms - they were an invitation to rest with my daddy.

Dad's arms can no longer hold me - I am reminded of that reality every time I hear a distant thunder. But Another still sits near me when the winds beat against my life.

Life's storms are rather impolite. They neither consider our calendars nor consult our hearts. Without requesting permission they simply come.

But each time they come, our Father God smiles and whispers, "There is nothing to fear."

As the earth shakes and our dreams crumble, God extends to us His strong arms. As the wind howls and our faith trembles, God offers to hide us in Himself.

Life's storms issue to us an invitation to rest with Father God. Nestled securely in His eternal embrace, even the most furious storm can not crush our fragile hearts.

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  1. Bad at this? Are you kidding? I have been impressed! Many bloggers only post a few times a month. Sure there are many that post more often, but never at the beginning. Its an art that kinda becomes a part of your life.


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