Monday, January 7, 2008


"The person who's calls you answer every time, that's the one you're in a relationship with." This is roughly quoted from a movie Pat and I watched last night. It's a striking truth. The people we spend our time talking to and hanging out with, the activities we engage in most often, these are like a mirror, reflecting our life's priorities.

If asked (well, I'll tell you even if you don't ask, lol), my list of what's important to me goes something like this: God, marriage, family, friends, ministry, fun, money. But if I asked someone else, based solely on their observations of how I spend my time (let's say they can see everything), they might suggest my priorities are: driving around, talking on the phone, working on the computer, reading novels, running interference for the kids, ministry, shopping, cleaning, cooking, yelling (hard to know where to place that one on the list), budgeting, coffee with friends, prayer/Bible reading, husband, TV (this one has only been bumped down on the list recently, since we abolished TV from the main living room), health/fitness...



  1. Hey Tyler,
    Me too...
    I got to adjust my priorities so they fit what I say and believe...
    You bless me so...
    Love ya

  2. So...did you get some diapers?
    I want to go back tomorrow to get another #5 bag if there is still any after you left!
    Isn't this also a great place where we can share great deals to be found...
    Love ya

  3. Sometimes I waiver with what my priorites actually are and how to identify ways to change them. I really want God to be first, and while he is in my heart, and I do pray first thing everyday, I have a hard time giving the time in my bible like I should. Then I wonder how my priorites look to other people. The number one way people come to Christ is by watching His followers and wanting what they have. Do people look at me in my manic ness and actually want this? I need to change somewhere. Thanks for the post Tyler...


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