Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Thin Is IN! Tuesday

Over the years of many pregnancies, I have tried my hand at several weight-loss regimes. To be honest, I can't even say which is most effective - because I ALWAYS end up pregnant within a couple months of reaching my goal weight! LOL! But this time, I expect to be reaching my final goal weight (that is, as long as the test results come back as "0 mobility/motility;" if they don't, Pat figures that's God's way of telling us to go for building ourselves a whole football team, ha!).

Here's a little background for ya...
110 lbs - age 18, 1996
118 lbs - age 19, 1997 (never lost the weight following a miscarried pregnancy)
174 lbs - age 20, March 1998 (day before Braeden's birth)
*140 lbs (approx) - age 21, July 1999 (our wedding)
172 lbs - age 24, February 2002 (day before Abbey's birth)
**132 lbs - age 24, April 2002 (6-8 weeks after Abbey's birth)
181 lbs - age 25, April 2003 (day before Meg's birth)
***138 lbs - age 26, summer 2004
182 lbs - age 27, April 2005 (day before Shea's birth)
****140 lbs - age 28, December 2006 (wore a bikini in the Dominican)
189 lbs - age 29, September 2007 (day before Kai's birth)

* just basically dieted, reduced calories
** worked out hard at the gym 3-4 days/week (for a few months, lol)
*** joined a group ran by a woman in our Church, based on healthy lifestyle habits
**** weight watchers, gym occasionally (like 1-2 times per week)

Starting Stats (Jan 7, 2008):
5'6" tall
161.0 lbs
31 % body fat (this means 50 lbs are FAT, gross!)
BMI score of 25.7, "overwieght"
goal weight = 140 (or less)
total to lose = 21 (or more)
Method: weight watchers and regular gym attendance (2-3x/wk)

Jan 14, 2008:
157.8 lbs (3.2-)
31% body fat
lost 15% of goal

And this week!!! (Jan 21, 2008):
154.4 lbs (3.4-, total 6.6-)
30% body fat
lost 31% of goal to date

So, here goes the weight-loss journey! There's a scary kind of accountability to keep losing and not be a pig with all of you watching - ugh! I'll keep you posted each Tuesday, and maybe periodically throw in a pic - but not every week...I want the difference to be noticable!

BTW, my hubby Pat and my friend Louise are joining me in this weight watchers challenge, and they're doing great (though I'm not at liberty to discuss their actual progress - everyone is losing ;)). We were planning on making it a bit of a contest, so if you have any suggestions of a prize for the winner, please comment!!!


  1. way to go Tyler.... you have guts posting it on here... what a better way to stay accountable.... I should try that.... keep up the good work

  2. I am shocked by the fact that you know your exact weights for the past ten years!

    I have totally sucked on the whole Weight Watchin' thing this week. Haven't counted one point, nor showed any sort of self discipline. Aw well...

    You are going to totally kick my butt.

  3. It's due to the constant battle to lose it... One good thing about being all done with babies, I guess - no more working like death to lose 30 pounds!

  4. saw you in church today looking great girl!!



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