Friday, July 2, 2010

Why Didn't I Invent That?

I am one of those people who often says, "You know, someone should invent ________. That would make life so much easier!" But I am an idea gal, not a creator. So I leave it at that, and eventually, when I see that someone has invented it, I am kicking myself about how many millions I could be raking in if I'd only pushed forward with my idea.

Well, now someone has gone and done it! They took my love of lists, my enjoyment of office and school supplies, and my desire for organization and rolled it all into one GIANT awesome idea! Pre-purchased school supplies. Yup. Best. Idea. Ever.

At the start of June I got an order form sent home. (Two actually. One for each girl.) You could check off the "basic package" option, which included all the annual supplies for each class, direct from the teacher's list (such as 6 sticks of UHU glue, markers, etc.). Or you could mark off some "options" to add to the package - things you might already have at home (such as a pencil box, scissors, and so on). The order forms were due by June 15th, with payment. School supplies can be picked up in the school gym a few days before the first day.

Seriously?! Could life get any convenient?! Now, if only I could find a place to order groceries that offers free delivery here in the county. That would make life so much easier!


  1. I love ideas, too, and often say, "I should have written that book."

    I also love school supplies, but not in July :).

    Happy holiday weekend.

  2. Poplar Ridge School in Red Deerm County does the same thing and the great thing is that the price seemed to be discounted from if one was to buy all of the supplies seperately.

    My kids are going to be attending a school in Innisfail next fall...I got tired of the school in Sylvan not taking a strong stand on bullying. They will be attending St. Marguerite Bourgeoys. The school is smaller than most schools, but that is good because class sizes are smaller, but they still have all of the niceties of school available (ie: smartboards and they have laptops for student use).

    Sorry I missed you at Crossroads last weekend.

  3. Such a good idea. And I was waiting for the 143 things you love about Canada list. I really was...


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