Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Doing Life Together

Pat and I are looking to really get connected in our new home. We've talked about joining a life group (aka small group/ home group) and we've also discussed starting a group. We've considered a weekly Bible or book/DVD study group and we've pondered a group that simply "does life together." (Phrase stolen from our old stomping grounds, CrossRoads Church.) We've wondered whether a group should be solely for Christian fellowship or if it should be a comfortable and welcoming place for unchurched friends to see faith in action.

I thought it would help us to find out what others are doing. What works, what doesn't. So I created a survey. :) If you are currently in a small group, or if you have been in one in the past, would you mind taking a couple minutes to answer my questions?

Click here to take survey.

And for the comments section:
If you have never been in a life group, why not?
If you were in a group in the past but aren't any longer, how come? What happened?
What do you think makes a successful life group?
Why do you think some groups fail?

Thank-you, dear friends, for helping us navigate the waters of doing life in our new home.


  1. Well, we have done several throughout the years (led, hosted, and/or participated), and ALL have been a blessing! I love my ladies' groups, but this is an opportunity to build community as a family! I personally think some groups fail because the relationships never go beyond the group time. We have to be an active part of each other's lives for it to work! Also, I think what makes a successful group is the leader's willingness to be transparent (and trustworthy!) We have several pastors and their wives in our group, but also some brand-new Christians struggling with their new life in Christ. The newbies are soooo encouraged by hearing pastors talk about their struggles! And the pastors are encouraged by newbies who are so on fire! We love our small group and the kids are all such great friends that it makes it easy to "do life together"!

  2. Oh poo. I just left a long-ish comment and it *POOF!* vanished into cyber-thin-air. SO, I'll just say that I agree with everything Hope said. Especially the transparency and trust. And I'd add in that accountability is a big bonus.

  3. My favorite small group I have ever been in was in MN. It was 6 couples - all either full time in ministry or highly committed. We were all busy and studying for our ministries and we just wanted to do life together. We met on Sunday mornings, during Sunday School, in a home near our church. We prayed and talked and prayed some more. One night a month we would get together on a Sunday night for a fantastic meal. We rotated to each other homes. We met for 3 years.

    We struggled with when to split into two groups and invite others. We finally did it, but honestly it was never as amazing after that.

    Have never been able to reproduce this. Now my husband and I meet regularly with one other couple and we are in a small group.


  4. I have to say I agree with all of the above. The worst part is feeling like a project to others without feeling like they are sincere in building a relationship.


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