Friday, July 16, 2010

Ever Wonder About Marketing?

As a developing speaker and writer, one of the words that keeps popping into conversation is the word "platform." No, it's not quite the same as political platform. In this case, the concept of building a platform refers to building a following. Essentially, the wide world of publishing would like any unpublished authors to come to them with a pack of "groupies" already established. Kidding. Sort of.

While it's not quite about gathering groupies, having a platform is about finding people who believe in you and believe in the message you have to share, who would already be committed to buying your book, even before you get it written. (I am hoping that a few of you fall into that category. *wink*)

Here's the thing, selling yourself in an effort to develop a following feels somewhat contrary to the whole concept of Christian humility. In fact, Pat told me nearly two years ago that I needed to "sell myself" and I flat out rejected that suggestion! I'm pretty sure I said something along these lines, "If God wants me to be marketed and get published, He will make it happen."

What do you think? Do you agree or disagree with that statement?

More on this next week...


  1. I go back and forth on this too. I tend to agree more with what you said, "If God wants me to be marketed and get published, He will make it happen." I think it's as simple as 1)asking God what YOUR role is in the whole process 2)doing whatever He tells you in a way that glorifies Him, and 3)leaving the rest up to Him. That might mean that He wants you to market, and if that is the case, it's NOT because He can't handle it Himself but because He wants to teach you through the process.

    That's what I've been feeling lately with some things in my own life. Not necessarily busines/writing/marketing, etc. but LIFE IN GENERAL. Marriage, parenting, reaching out, etc. I'm a control freak so sticking to that list I mentioned above is important for keeping my in check and making sure I'm not trying to take on more than God wants from me. :)

  2. I think I might have to agree with Pat. My husband is a salesman and one of the conferences he was sent to was on was called something like "take this job and love it". One of the main concepts that stuck with him, and the only one I remember his talking about is that what ever you do it's not about your product, it's about you.

    No matter what your platform is, no matter your product, or even what you really know about it what you're really selling is yourself. Your following, or in my husbands case - customers, is really about following you. People will listen to, buy, follow, read, just because it's you talking.

    Look at Beth Moore. People don't buy her studies because they are fantastic, they buy them because of her. She's good at it. Her marketing tool might involve a bit of yelling!

    At least that's the way I see it.

  3. This is my opinion and I've stood behind it for years. I will give an example to explain myself. ~. If you were a missionary and decided to head out into the field trying to share your story, would you not build supporters within your church? Or would you just head out there and hope some peeps would know you're doing a good job and they should give you random donations of money? Logically you would want to have a gathered support group there to help you thru the times you need them, there for your encouragement...I get where you come from with the whole humility thing but at some point you need to be proactive and create a supper network, sell yourself if you must. Do it. Your worth it. You can still do it and not be looked at as advantageous. There are right ways and wrongs ways to sell yourself and I'm all about floating your own boat if need be.

  4. Dang iPhone. Supper network? Argh. Support network.


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