Monday, September 28, 2009

Weekend in Review

We had a wonderful weekend filled with family, friends, and fun!

Friday night we threw a surprise party for my mom's birthday. Though she had a few suspicious thoughts along the way, she really was surprised. Especially once she saw her sister from Florida, her sister and brother-in-law from Manitoba, and her mom (also from MB). In-laws from around the province were also in attendance.

Christine helped me pull off the most awesome gluten-free catering, with waaaaay too much food. The extra food ended up being a helpful thing, as almost no cooking was required during the weekend. My sister, Jen, created a fantastic video of mom/ for mom (from a bunch of photos I secretly stole from her albums) - everyone loved it! For mom's big birthday gift, she received two weeks (free) in a time share in Kona, Hawaii and money towards flights! (I'd be lying if I said I wasn't just a wee bit jealous.)

For some family fun, we decided to gather at a nearby corn maze on Saturday afternoon. Out of ten stations, our team (the girls) managed to locate three. We also got stranded in the middle of the maze, huddled under a small bridge, while being pummelled by rain and hail. My leg muscles still ache from following the teenage staff sent to rescue us - after all, I was wearing flip-flops, walking on mud, carrying a soaked and shivering 7-year-old.

We didn't let a little bad weather ruin our fun, though. The BBQ plans moved indoors and more fun was had (after clothing changes all around).

My aunties and uncles are some of the most hilarious, ridiculous, foolish people on the planet. Needless to say I enjoyed hours of the best medicine on earth. Thanks to everyone who came and celebrated 50 well-spent years. You totally made my weekend! (And, I think, mom's.)

On a side note, I felt a "release" from God on Friday night as far as my fast. I took great pleasure in sipping my uncle's homemade blush wine and tasting all the dips and treats at the party. I thanked the Lord for each morsel, and stopped when I felt full. Unfortunately, I continued my "break" over the entire weekend and exercised much less self-control with each passing hour.

Today's early-morning hours were spent seeking to be brought back in line with His will. (Sadly, I knew I was out-of-line by Saturday afternoon and chose to ignore that fact and wait until Monday morning to return to my fast.) So today I begin again, in repentance and receiving His forgiveness - and I will set aside my desire for all foods fatty and sugary. My desires that grow so strong so quickly that it takes but a day for them to overtake me. My desires that I willingly (and repeatedly) allow to take precedence over my desire to be obedient and fully submitted to the will of God.

I expect this week to be difficult. A week spent on my knees in prayer for the deliverance of someone I love, each time I crave the junk I cannot have. A week of new beginnings, fresh starts, and His Presence.

I might even go to the gym and exercise this week. Not because this fast is about losing weight. And not because I sense Him calling me to exercise. But because I know that moving my body and getting my heart pumping will get the junk out faster and cause me to crave the good stuff. And because my girlfriend invited me - and one should never pass up the opportunity to visit with a friend while being productive. And because I've got child care hours there that need to be used up before we move. And because the hormones have been pretty wacky lately and I need to do something to get my mood back under control. And, well, because maybe it will help me both look and feel good. So why not?!

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