Thursday, September 24, 2009

The LORD is There

This morning I was talking to God about my sadness at leaving so many special people. I love my sisters here so much, and when they shared news of our move to the group of women at Friendship Factor (our women's coffee break) yesterday, we all got a little choked-up. For a moment, the excitement of things to come took a back burner to the sadness of letting go and saying good-bye.

So this morning, I thanked God for those sisters of mine, I lifted up their families to Him, I asked Him to bless them, and I told Him how I was counting on Him to fill the empty space in my heart that belongs to them.

He reminded me of a special gift I received in the prayer room at She Speaks. The conference organizers spent time praying over each of the names of the attendees, and with the guidance of the Holy Spirit placed our names next to one of the Names of God. My name was beside Jehovah-Shammah: the LORD is there.

He whispered to my spirit this morning:

When you are in a new land, I AM THERE.

When you feel sad and are praying for a friend, I AM THERE.

When your heart longs for the familiar of what was before, I AM THERE.

When tears of loneliness pour from your eyes, I AM THERE.

Wherever you go, when you go in My Name, you go with My Blessing, you bring with you My Presence, and I AM THERE.

And with His promises held tightly in my heart, I will go with Him. But my sisters, I sure will miss you.

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  1. Oh Tyler that is so true...God is so there with you! He is going to bless you guys in new and exciting ways all the while by your side. Your sisters are going to miss you too my friend!


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